PlayStation Move's LED orb can emit 16 million different colors

With PlayStation Move now out in the market, the techies of iFixit got hold of one and took it apart to see the insides. At first glance, the fifty-dollar motion wand mostly doesn't have anything out of the ordinary. But did you know that the controller's orb can actually change into 16 million different colors?

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qface642861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

when did we start having 16 million colors?
im actually being serious

Dramscus2861d ago

They give every shade a different name. It's stupid but they all count as different colours under copywrite.

rockleex2860d ago

You could make them change colors accordingly to create an image. ^_^

WhittO2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

TBH I think we have ever only seen it working with about 5 different colours haha. Still nice to know it can change to that many colours if it needs to.

ingiomar2861d ago

What is it good for anyways?

-Alpha2861d ago

Again, they are just slightly different transitions of light/color, but apparently enough to warrant a difference.

Ilikegames762861d ago

for a future multiplayer game where every players is in the same room playing on a giant movie screen.

QSPR2861d ago Show
Motorola2861d ago

Wait Seriously?? No way. thats crazy, the article just says it, no proof. but if its true thats insane

darkdoom30002861d ago

3 leds. Red Green and Blue.

256 shades each.
256 to the power of 3(3 leds) = 16,777,216

It's cool, but its pretty standard. All modern computers and tvs can output that much colour aswell.

DelbertGrady2860d ago

Eventhough it's standard and nothing to be impressed about(been with us since 1987) it makes people like ALFAxD_CENTAURO spout marketing taglines without thinking, which is probably what they are looking for.

units2861d ago

thats a lot of colours

Pedobear Rocks2861d ago

Sony said it was 24bit RGB...its the same as saying 16,772,216 Colors

writersblock2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

My user icon alone likely has a few hundred thousand colours. The slightest difference in shade is a new colour

If it's setable, I'm putting mine to "ice blue"
All my other electronics have that colour. Black and blue tech is sexy

rdgneoz32861d ago

R.U.S.E. uses a blue color for the Move, looks nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.