Sony's Yoshida Sees Kinect as Healthy Competition, 3DTV-Exclusive Games as Nonsensical

Sony and Microsoft may be going head to head this holiday with motion-based gaming peripherals, but SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida doesn't see Microsoft's massive Kinect ad campaign as a problem for PlayStation's Move -- in fact, Sony quite likes the free attention it's getting as a result.

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MultiConsoleGamer2740d ago

I don't if I agree with his opinions regarding exclusives or 3D gaming. However, I do respect his honesty regarding healthy competition.

Plus he's right about microsoft spending huge dollars to push this thing on consumers. By the time the Holiday Season is over we're all going to OD on Kinect advertising.

seij5552740d ago

he meant games that are exclusively 3D.

QSPR2740d ago Show
gta_manic2740d ago

A welcome change to the usual higher ups in in the gaming biz, instead of insulting other companies and insinuating shit from there mouth we are getting honest opinions and answers

Sarcasm2740d ago

Yoshida-San has always been that way though. We need more execs with an open mind like him.

jack_burt0n2740d ago

I dont have anything against him, but he plays it safe too safe for my liking.

most of the things that have ended up being the ps3's greatest successes were put in place by ppl that ended up leaving because ppl around them lacked vision.

gta_manic2740d ago

In the last few year all we have had were people talking out there ass and Yoshida is a welcome change in pace of insulting and just plane stupid comments made by execs

Chuk52740d ago

Excuse him for being so nice.You can't win everyone over I guess.

dorkyfresh112740d ago

It's good competition for Sony...
...because it makes M$ look ridiculous, in turn making Sony look good.

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yewles12740d ago

Wow, Yoshida's starting to look like Kutaragi... O.O

Motorola2740d ago

All i know are Kaz Hirai and Kutaragi.....and Jack Tretton. Thats all I really need to know since I watch E3. Oh and KB...

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