Halo Reach Glitch

Players of Halo Reach have found a glitch to unlock Avatar Carter’s Helmet easily. Usually players would have to complete an entire level on Legendary without dying to get unlock this Helmet...

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easto1a2858d ago

trying this out very soon

ShadyDevil2858d ago

Thats pretty cool I guess. Cool to unlock stuff easily.

awiseman2858d ago

It is trying to get you to think that is is an in game glitch.

cayal2858d ago

No that is just an assumption you make. When you read glitch, people automatically assuming it is an ingame glitch.

pustulio2858d ago

Common dude we are on N4G we all know what that headline will make people think.

masterofpwnage2858d ago

how is it misleading.

its a glitch right.

it doesnt say ingame halo reach glitch.

im sorry but that was a dumb comment.

2858d ago
vmanj2858d ago

In the beginning of the campaign when the actual gameplay begins the screen is completely open to the environment....meaning that I dont see the radar, gun or anything. I can fire bullets and reload and run but I cant see any of the icons.

I restarted the campaign numerous times but the problem still exists. I dont even feel like playing the campaign because of this....

does any1 else have this problem?

actual_gamer2858d ago

Sounds like you have the "Blind" skull turned on from that description

DarkBlood2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

did u activate any skulls that might be a reason for your hud display and arms and the guns being invisable

edit- damn it you beat me to it :P

soccerstar2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

you might have the skull on that makes your hud invisible so check to make sure all of your skulls are turned off

edit: I guess everyone beat me lol

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The story is too old to be commented.