GameSpot: Halo: Reach vs Halo 3 Graphics Comparison

Bungie went to great lengths to improve upon the graphics engine inside of Halo: Reach. While the game may feature many of the same elements (Warthogs, Covenant, and the trusty assault rifle), they've all been heavily augmented. In comparison to the original Halo 3 engine, the new Reach engine handles many more light sources and has higher-resolution textures wrapped onto models with considerably greater polygon counts. Almost all the art was remade, with influence coming from the concept art generated for the original Halo.

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edoman202920d ago

But eurolamer said that reach looks better than U2, WTF is that

And the sense of the scale of battles awesome?, Serioulsy retarded press comparison is getting worse and worse

kaveti66162920d ago

Eurogamer said that Reach looks better than Uncharted 2?

Link it, dude. I'm not saying you're lying, but I'd like to see it.

Cevapi882920d ago

all i got from the link for eurogamer is them knocking the first UC for its explosions against what Reach is able to do with explosions(page 2)

idk why they had to do that, but i guess it was the only way to compare a 360 exclusive to a ps3 one...the rest deal with multiplat games like ME2 and Crysis 2 which has yet to come out

avengers19782920d ago

Okay I don't actually see a difference

KingKiff2920d ago

I'm with you TBH, the single player in reach has a few small differences that I can notice.

But as for multi player I can see much difference, feels, looks and plays the same to me, just more going on at any one time.

But that is a good thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.