Medal of Honor vs. Call of Duty Black Ops In Depth Comparison - Pixel Enemy

Pixel Enemy writes: Despite certain differences, these two games will definitely be fighting for sales this fall, and while we all know which will sell more, which one will actually be better is quite debatable.

Although neither game has been released yet, no one can argue that these two games will be compared until your blue in the face. Well you can save your breath, because Gmoney breaks down each of the games into 4 categories: Campaign, Graphics, Multiplayer, and Content.

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Agent-862890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I wouldn't give the MP honor to Black Ops in this comparison because it is limited to 18 players, even on the PC (why have dedicated servers and such a low player limit?). Sorry, but that is just too low for me. I'm doing 32 players on Bad Company 2 and won't be able to knock that in half and have as good a time. Plus, I don't like the killstreaks and all the camping in COD games. I'm leaning more towards MOH since I like DICE and the BF series more than COD. I also want to show my support for DICE and EA against all the BS they're getting for having the Taliban in MP. I'll probably end up getting both, but may wait till early next year for Black Ops and hopefully get it on sale.

Substance1012890d ago

TF2 will still be my FPS of choice, these milkfests will never compare.

Deputydon2889d ago

This fucking guy's voice sounds exactly like this guy.

Blackpool2890d ago

black ops looks like mw2 just the guns look different and a few new features but ppl will disagree.. i think MOH will offer great content

Substance1012890d ago

Well MW2 looks like WaW, which looks just like MW1. There are no graphics improvements in the last 4 years.

hiredhelp2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Multiplayer on black op's looks really downsampled. compard to the SP. however on MOH the engine seems roughly the same on both SP/MP.

ive been here too many times. with cod. FOR ME MOH . !!

plus if they use the same backbone as badcompany 2 with servers .it wont be soo laggy.and less glitchers.

RonRico2890d ago

Isnt the MP developed by 2 diff companies 4 MoH? Plus ZOMBIES in COD. IDK which 2 get first

Deputydon2889d ago

No. The Multiplayer is developed by DICE (Battlefield series). The Singleplayer is developed by EA's Danger Close.

DigitalRaptor2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Medal of Honor for me.

Besides Black Ops apparently having more content than Medal of Honor, I will have the MOH: Frontline HD remake on the disc too, so that's lots more content for me.

Edward-Kraken2890d ago

Refresh my memory. How do I get MOH Frontline HD?

xYLeinen2890d ago

By getting the PS3 limited edition.

DigitalRaptor2889d ago

Yep, which is exactly the same price as the standard edition. Bargain!

MysticStrummer2890d ago

I would have gotten Black Ops for one reason only... Nazi Zombies... but last I heard it was the same NZ maps from World at War, so my enthusiasm took a big dive. Now, Bobby Kotick has reminded me why I should boycott all Activision games anyway, just like I boycotted MW2. The more realistic style of Medal of Honor gets my vote. F*** you, Kotick.

RonRico2890d ago

I know Zombies ftw. Nothing spells "more realistic style" than zombies. Braiiinnss.

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The story is too old to be commented.