VIDEO: 50 crashes in F1 2010

Justin Towell of Gamesradar writes "Never mind the sublime car handling. Never mind the amazing AI. You want to see how good the crashes are in F1 2010. So here they are: 50 spectacular smash-ups taken from the Xbox 360 version of the game. It's out this Friday and I highly recommend you pick a copy up and give it the love and attention it deserves. After all, this is what you've got to look forward to..."

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yoshiroaka2854d ago

Looks cool but i would still say GRID has the crown for best damage.

Ive heard Need for speed pro street had great damage as well but i have never seen it first hand.

ultramoot2855d ago

For those wondering why the main bodywork is not damaged, F1 cars are made to withstand high-impact crashes caused by their 200 mph speeds.

But the game's damage system is not 100% accurate because some part of the nose is also supposed to get damaged in a straight-on crash to the barriers. I have yet to see that happen in any footage.

Anyway, I still think this game's gonna be awesome come Friday. I haven't been this excited for any racing game release in over 6 years.

fedex6822854d ago

I so want to get this game, but all the retailers in Canada are charging $69.99 plus taxes for this game! Boo Codemasters!

2854d ago
stagga2854d ago

The FIA won't let them do full, car splitting damage. Same as FIFA isn't allowed to do diving any more. At least you can flip the cars though, looks pretty good.

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