Eight MMOs That Died Almost As Quickly As APB

GameInformer writes: In honor of APB's ugly demise, we present's to you a hot cup of schadenfreude as we look back at eight dead games that pretty much got what they had coming to them.*

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NegativeCreepWA2856d ago

lol, " If I wanted to punch the air and swear at my monitor, I'd read Left 4 Dead 2 boycott threads."

Fadetoblack692855d ago

Why are stores still selling this game for $50 if it has indeed died? Best Buy, Gamestop, Fred Meyer etc. All these stores in my area are still selling this title for $49.95.....

plb2855d ago

Hoping customers haven't found out about it I suspect?

Baka-akaB2855d ago

The article makes little sense .

most of the title mentioned while not successful , or big enough successes , went on for years with a fanbase APB never even had .

Megaton2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Lol @ MMOs. Spend years building them, years talking about them, then POOF! Shut down several months after launch. There just isn't room for more than a handful of these to succeed simultaneously. Well... unless they use the free method. Lost count of how many pay-to-play MMOs have risen and fallen in the 5+ years MapleStory has thrived.

catguykyou2855d ago

It's because most companies expect to launch their "ME-TOO" mmo game and garner profits similar to that of World of Warcraft. What most developers have learned is that Most people only have time for one mmo and almost all of those people are already playing an existing mmo.
Now, I'm not saying don't bother. Far from it. I'm saying, don't release a game that competes with an already existing game that is 10 mil strong and has 5 years worth of content without providing something different/ more / better than the competition.

koehler832855d ago

DC Universe Online is the next high profile failure.

antz11042855d ago

Agreed, I think the extra pricetag to play is going to put people off from the get go. Trailer looks awesome..but WAIT, you don't play as any of them.

Baka-akaB2855d ago

Excessive pessimism much ? it appeal to the city of heroes crowd and more with its licence .

CoH was very successful but is getting old and outdated now . And champions was/is a poor spiritual sequel of it .

akiraburn2855d ago

I completely agree. I highly doubt that we will see DC Universe ending up on a list like this anytime soon. DC Universe is looking to be really impressive, fairly deep, very polished, and a lot of fun. I have a pretty decent size group of friends who are all getting into it once it launches.

The saddest one on the list for me was definitely Tabula Rasa. I was really hyped for that game, and I had a blast messing around in the beta for it. It did a lot of really original and impressive things that I really enjoyed. But without enough of a consistent fanbase subscribing, there wasn't much you could do. I don't agree with the author that it was about Richard Garriot's ego. I think it was just poor planning on the release, among other things. I think if they had gone with no subscription fee, similar to Guild Wars, that the game would still be running today.

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The story is too old to be commented.