PS3Vault: The 5 meanest things you can do in PlayStation games

Hit the break to find out about some of the meanest things you can do to your fiends and total strangers in 5 different PlayStation 3 games.

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ISKREEM2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

"The usual technique is to knock someone out using one of the many options, and then drag their body to some secluded area. Then you can have your way with them. Did they have to make the slow crawl so dirty? Of course they did. Just keep an eye on how long your enemy is KO’d and keep zapping/tranquilizing them, and you can keep doing whatever you weirdo’s want for basically a whole round, often forcing the victim to quit the game and go take a shower."

Heheh.. That was me. I would also drag their body to the second floor of the apartment in Midtown Mayhem, lay them at the end of the hallway by the window, weaken them to about 1/4th health, keep knocking them out for a little, until I finally gave them about two seconds to do something, which would usually be them jumping out the window, ultimately falling to their death. Good times.

CaJuaLFeatPuFF2855d ago

Wtf is all this? Dont write a fucking book. ffs

Scotland-The-Brave2854d ago

That wasnt a book you moron, i found his comment funny an entertaining.
If you dont want to read then go browse google images.

Kerrby2855d ago Show
Miraak82 2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I just wait around 4-1 and slaughter all who invade my world ,, usually summon a couple blues and jump those invaders lol..... I'm griffith btw if I've jump you and a regular basis lol... adj shield+5 , blessed halberd+5 and blessed claymore +5 ftw bitches .... killer faith build

Redrum0592855d ago

when u get owned in cod, its ok, when u get owned in uc2, its ok.
but when you get murdered (reredrum lol) in Demonsouls, u mostlikely lose your cash(souls) minus a lvl point, an item (depending on the situation) and your body. oh and your tendancy changes. its a very punishing experience but i love it.
only newbs play the game offline, playing the game online keeps you on the edge of your seat.

ThanatosDMC2855d ago

It's horrible when you just got in an area then a Black Phantom gets into your game. It's nerve wrecking.

Redrum0592855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

i was watching my cousin play it. after he seen me get helped by a black phantom (odd right lol) he decided to do the same. he went off to the towers in 3-2 and invaded someone. he then gained their trust by killing many enemies. so my cuzin (black phantom) and the invaded player are PMing eachother and set off to very narrow bridges. once on the bridge my cousin dropped a "talismen of beasts" and told the invaded one that he could have it, as soon as he aproached the item, my cousin knockes him off the bridge with a fire explosion. the player died, my cousin gained his body back and was awarded +800,000 souls.

i couldnt stop laughing that day.

i know my typing is very imature but im sleepy as hell lol.
too many periods and pauses

ThanatosDMC2854d ago

Yeah, i've helped people before as a black phantom. Mainly because they couldnt kill me.

There was a way to use negative stats to jump other stats at lower levels back then. I imported months before the NA release.

I hate fighting very powerful Black Phantoms that could kill you in two hits with their halberd.

xyxzor2855d ago

I happen to like the list brings back all sorts of memories.

MGRogue20172855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Can't be done in any of the games mentioned in the article...But Killing your own team mates as soon as the match starts..?

Nothing is more worse than that, come on.. lol

LeonSKennedy4Life2855d ago

Battlefront and Battlefront II were PERFECT for this! Get into an AT-AT and just obliterate them!

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