4.0 Kung Fu Rider Review

Dealspwn writes: "This never really feels like a proper release, more like a PSN title that I’d probably still have given a good kicking at £7.99. The controls are too broken and the gameplay is too repetitive and boring to make this worth a look. Still curious? Check out the demo on the PSN Store."

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YoshiMeetsU2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

No Greenburg you had it all wrong about the Moves launch software... I mean a meta of 36 is nothing to sneeze at. :)

Just jokes.

NecrumSlavery2860d ago

not all motion or cam games are winners, but some people find joyment out of them:

awiseman2860d ago

other than that and running the chair into the street, the game is complete garbage. just like all the kinect launch titles. all the sony fanboyz in here will try and make u think this is an awsome game...its not. all u see in here is articles bashing kinect and article praising move. this site is pathetic.

rdgneoz32860d ago

Love how the first two comments are 360 fanboys, and one being a 20 day old account since his other is probably down to 1 bubble.

As for the game, I wouldn't buy it for $40, it should have been a $10 downloadable game and they should have taken a little extra time to work on it. No one ever praised this game, I think most found the demos wierd / interesting and that the controls were a little iffy (tried the demo when I first got the Sports Champions bundle and kept jumping when I tried to go faster and go faster when I wanted to jump). In the right hands, Move is precise and very accurate. But developers will always create crap to try to make some cash from new tech, just look at all the Move addons they have...
And all the gun mods... That and the Racquet Sports game basically doing all gesture controls like Wii instead of actually using Move the way Sports Champions does with its table tennis game. Hell, the Fight: Lights Out game was doing gestures at first and then they went back to the drawing board, pushed the release date back, and are working on real controls.

And for Kinect, the possibilities are interesting (Child of Eden looks pretty sweet), though a few reasons for people bashing it have been the on-rails type games shown, no real hardcore games shown, and that they've used fake demos ( ). Sony's shown some hardcore games for Move, such as (for shooters) KZ3, Socom, and MAG (the beta has Move functionality in it already and the patch tomorrow or next week for the retail version). And I've been playing R.U.S.E. and Heavy Rain with it and they work pretty well, though on the tougher settings the AI in R.U.S.E. is a pain at times. Hell, Tumble and echochrome ii are pretty nice for downloadable puzzle games, and in echochrome you can build your own puzzles and share them with friends. Overall, Move is another control setting for some games that feels right (at least for me with RTS and Shooter games since I'm use to playing them on a PC with a mouse).