Tomonobu Itagaki has revealed that Devil’s 3rd may include 3D. Plus thoughts on 3DS

"Devil's 3rd designer, Tomonobu Itagaki, reveals that the game might include 3D support. Also, a discussion about 3D in general including the 3DS as a platform."

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AzadFujishima2921d ago

it would be cool to see devil's 3rd in 3D and cool to know whatt itagaki's thoughts are on 3DS now.

Muletroid2921d ago

he probably will make a game for the 3DS knowing him

GeorgeAnimal2921d ago

What would you like to see him make for 3DS?

GeorgeAnimal2921d ago

Why he could even make Devil's 3rd 3DS!!

hannibus2921d ago

Itagaki-san does a good job with whatever tech he's put in front of. He'll come up with something good as usual.

John007guy2921d ago

Does anyone remember if Itagaki was at E3's Nintendo pannel of 3rd party developers video?

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