Civilization V lowest price PS3 Move, FF14 & Reach Deals Jimmy

Civilization V lowest price online. Get FF14 delivered 9/22/2010 for only $0.99. Overpriced PS3 Move bundles and a ridiculous Epic Mickey Collector's Edition. Halo Reach for $54 bucks? PS3 Amazon Gold Box 9/21/2010.

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YoshiMeetsU2920d ago

Jimmy approves!

When Jimmy is shopping for good deals Jimmy likes to use Amazon.

- Jimmy

goukijones2920d ago

How bout an approval click?


ELite_Ghost2919d ago

I almost thought CIV 5 was going on ps3 move XD :(

eggbert2919d ago

under 50 cent savings!

Why did all of the Kmarts near me have to go out of business :(

Newtype2919d ago

Man, should I get FF XIV? People around me are getting the game....

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