Thinking of Violent Games Allegedly Makes Men Violent

While some scientific studies have illustrated the benefits of playing certain M-rated games , others show an apparent downside. In a recent study from Ohio State and Central Michigan Universities, researchers have discovered that thoughts of violent video games trigger violent thoughts in men.

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Merivigian2925d ago

Video games have nothing to do with it, thinking of violent anything will make you violent.. violent movies, violent TV Shows, violent porn..

s0ph1atr0n2925d ago

But exposure to violence at a young age does make you more violent. Measuring this in adults is pretty pointless though.

TotalPS3Fanboy2925d ago

It doesn't make them more violent.

On the other hand, gang members are more violent. So let's just be realistic here. Video game violence have nothing to do with making a man violent. A nerd will never be violent, no matter what. A gang member will always be violent, even if they sent him to jail time after time.