‘PlayStation Move’ Does It Do Everything?

"Before I start my impressions of the PlayStation Move I would like to mention that as a big fan of the Nintendo Wii, by no means do I believe it’s a bad console. With that out the way here are my impressions of the PlayStation Move.

Firstly the games and how the Move handles them..." - Just Push Start

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gamesR4fun2715d ago

no doubt wii owners wanting to tap hd are gonna line up for this
hd games n better accuracy not to mention with sony backing it we are gonna see some amazing games
dont delay jump in n get 2 moves if ya really want to play sports XD

qface642715d ago

uh why would wii owners line up to pay more for more motion controls???

easto1a2715d ago

I have a Wii and Move and must say move is better

PS3fanboyto-dacore2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

"I have a Wii and Move and must say move is better"

Yup, as a motion controller, the Move has more potential..but the question is whether a person who only owns a Wii is willing to pay $400+ to get the Move?

"I am a Wii owner who bought 2 MOVES and 2 Nav controllers."

But..did you already have a PS3 before you bought the Move? What I'm trying to find out if Wii-only owners are willingly to spend $400+ JUST to get the Move.

dragon822715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I am a Wii owner who bought 2 MOVES and 2 Nav controllers.

As far as Wii only owners go just think about it. If you are a Wii only owner who is looking to move up to one of the HD consoles which one are you going to choose?? The one with a brand new controller type (Xbox 360) or the one with the familiar type of controller (PS3)?

EYEamNUMBER12715d ago

saying wii owners would be moving up to wii or whatever of the sort is a little far fetched

i mean that's going under the assumption that wii owners have a wii simply just for the motion controls

pretty much all wii owners have a wii for the games the nintendo games to be specific and if your referring to the casual crowd then there is less of a chance of them moving up to anything

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avengers19782715d ago

The question is who's really still playing there wii.
Move is awesome bought it day one, and am looking forward to games like the shoot and sorcery. Plus playing KZ3 with it will be fun(Mostly use regular controller for that though) Move has core games and casual games, and has potential out the ass.
1:1 motion is amazing

Muletroid2715d ago

"The question is who's really still playing there wii"

wii ownders who play their wii?
last i checked there allot of em

avengers19782715d ago

true there are alot of wii owners watching there wii collect dust.

Muletroid2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

riiight that is why nintendo games sell the staggering amount they do?

beardpapa2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

aside from super mario galaxy 2, the kids at home only play samba de amigo. I highly doubt Move is targeted towards the Wii crowd. I really don't think that's Sony's intention. If they were really trying to grab that market, they would have shown a ton of casual games at E3 and TGS.

I'm more inclined to believe Sony is trying to bring their 9-yrs-in-development motion control tech to the core adults, and see what 1:1 motion control can bring to high-def video console gaming in a living room environment.

And before you jump and say Sports Champion is casual, it's more core than it is casual gaming. When you have to actually swing the paddle in pong instead of beating your opponent by flicking like you do in Wii tennis, it actually requires more skill than chance.

MsmackyM2715d ago

Just bought the Move bundle with an extra controller this weekend. The only games I buy and play on the Wii are franchise titles, I can only get from Nintendo, mainly Zelda. I will most likely put a lot more miles on the Move.

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LiquifiedArt2715d ago

Played Ping-Pong wiht my brother in sports champions. I'm impressed. As accurate as they say. I was sweating my ass off (and i'm fit) after playing 3 very competitive games.

easto1a2715d ago

its great fun to play cant wait to get a second move controller

ShadyDevil2715d ago

Its an amazing piece of hardware. Any self respecting gamer needs to have one.

CrazyForGames2715d ago

would make more sense for you to say that when games actually started coming out for it..

dragon822715d ago

1. Sports Champions is awesome.
2. Heavy Rain is great with MOVE controls.
3. Tiger Woods 11 is great with MOVE controls.
4. MAG has a learning curve but still very fun with MOVE controls.
5. Start the Party is great fun for the family.
6. Tumble is a great puzzle game.

Seems like there are games for it to me,

CrazyForGames2715d ago

sports champion is bundled with move its not a game people are going out and get a move for

same goes for heavy rain, tiger woods, start the party and tumble

saying "Any self respecting gamer needs to have one" makes no sense as things are now
say that again when they actually start releasing games for the move not even just games but notable worth while games that would make someone want to consider having the move i can count the whole library of move games with my fingers right now and very few if any are notable games that would make people want move as things are now

again like i said say that when they start releasing games for it

dead_eye2714d ago

sports champions isn't bundled with anything in the uk. it was the game i was most looking forward to at launch oh and tumble.

gotta say flight control works awesome with move to i'm ashamed to say i spent a few hours playing that last night. 218 planes landed.

Apocalypse Shadow2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


and maybe i missed something.but sorcery didn't look kiddy at all to me.i think most adult gamers will class that as "E" everyone and harry potter fans.

rumble adds that extra immersion.and i knew sony would have it back for gaming during the lawsuit years ago.i just knew games like GT and MGS wouldn't go without it.not everyone likes rumble.but it sure does add to's definitely not a negative.

now picture all these mini games in sports think about what can be done in a future game for ps3.

let's make a game of multiple players like in games like mag or resistance 2.

LET'S CALL IT......."BATTLE CHAMPIONS"....or whatever....

can you see the epic battles of sword and shield gameplay?can you see the archers launching their arrows into the air?can you see the horse riders with their spears charging?can you see gamers in the rear launching objects with catapults?or better yet,you could have a bow,spear and knife as backup weapons.higher level players have fire and ice swords.maybe even add wizards to the mix.and they are all using MOVE controllers.

can you see this type of gaming done on anything other than sony's console?sony ramping up the amount of players from 16 vs16 to 20vs20 to 30vs30 to 128vs128 are TESTS.

socom and killzone3 with move support in online games are TESTS.i don't doubt for a minute that a medieval battle game is coming.and no other console is capable of it.that would be the MMO killer app and goes beyond just a simple Oblivion sequel.

the amount of fun to be had in that is awesome.

DigitalRaptor2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I share your enthusiasm for Move and what is possible from it in the future.

I mean even the current games are showing how great and accurate it is, so just imagine 2nd or 3rd generation Move games. And even games for PS4 with Move. =D

spooky2052715d ago

move support would seal the deal for me. As much hours as can be put to that game, move would definitely be worth the purchase.

GuruStarr782715d ago

Just picked up Resident Evil Gold Edition at best buy for 29.99, lets see how it plays....I read that the control scheme is a little off because you have to use the move button to shoot.

Lets see if it's better than RE4 on the wii.

MightyMark4272715d ago

Gold Edition pretty much have the same controls as the RE4 Wii version. You aim with the T button and shoot with the move button

GuruStarr782715d ago

Wow, the accuracy is pin-point though....nice.....

callahan092714d ago

Yeah I find it to be much more accurate than using the analog stick. The game is just easier to play with Move. Is there a way to move the camera without moving your character, though?

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