SG - Demo Impressions: Enslaved, Odyssey to the West

SG - Monkeys: beautiful primates who we all love to watch at the zoos as they smell their own feces, and then throw it at each other. There are just not enough of those lovely creatures in video games. Well thanks to Ninja Theory, they have remedied that balance a bit by bringing us the closest relative to a monkey in the upcoming game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

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Panzerkanzler2859d ago

The demo didn't excite me very much. It looks fairly well and I like the voices, and facial expressions, of the two characters but the no-brainer and no-risk monkey jumping around is just boring to me. Combat is ok I guess.

I just keep asking myself why the guy in demo bothered with trying to reach the escape pod?! Because he had no problems surviving being shot into the atmosphere and crash to the ground while hanging on to the outside of one. I like more realistic game. And while I have no problems with games that are a bit more fantanstic the action still needs, for me, to be at least believable.

Lucky12856d ago

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