PlayStation Move Sells Out During First Week of Launch

PlayStation Move released only days ago and has hit a huge wall of demand. Consumers on the east and west coast alike are reporting several retailers as sold out of the new motion controller. Is this a sign of great things to come for Sony?

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JonnyBigBoss2885d ago

Well, considering just about every friend I have already owns one, I'm not surprised!

deadreckoning6662885d ago ShowReplies(9)
EYEamNUMBER12885d ago

i remember reading a story a while back that said sony would be releasing shipments of the move in limited amounts

if that's the case then its no surprise it would be selling out

units2885d ago

i dont think sony were confident enough so it might explain the lack of move in most retailers

despair2885d ago


its sony they always underestimate the market, I mean the PS3 slim had shortages when released as well as for big titles like GOW3.

Soldierone2885d ago

That was Gamestop saying they were not confident in it selling. I think the sky rocketing pre-orders and first day sales changed their mind.

I think every PS3 owner I know already got at least one controller, if not they are planning on getting it this week. Most of them, including me, are planning to go back and get a second controller.

Sarcasm2885d ago

Hrmm, not where I live. There's a whole bunch at walmart, target, and gamestop.

YellowLightofDeath2885d ago

I just designed a new tshirt, made 10 of them, and sold them all. Does that qualify as "selling out" even because of the limited quantity? Maybe someone should write an article about how successful I am.

badz1492885d ago

yeah you go do that! if that makes you happy.

DaTruth2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

This thread needs less damage control and more "brain damage" control!

ChineseDemocracy2885d ago

This can't be true, I read an article that said the Move was "doomed to fail" ??


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Jazz41082885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

O issues here they are in stock everywher in las vegas including gamestop and frys electronics. I would have thought the ecact oppisite of what this article is speculating seeing what is mass quanities on the shelves. Just stateing facts not trying to start anyting but its the truth and I don't expect kinect to sell much better.

monk3392885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

yep, Move is limited release. They want to create a demand. Smart move imho, but it aint because everyone has bought some, which is what jleak seems to try to imply.

sikbeta2885d ago

PlayStation Move sales will go UP and UP, the more games compatibles or "exclusives" for it, the more interest will gain, the more people will jump into buy it...

smoothdude2885d ago

hmmmm... let's see. VGCHARTs puts the move being sold at around 140,000 units. Now if you released a game for Move that means if everyone bought your game, you would only sell 140,000 and that is if people only bought one move controller per house hold. IMHO I think developers are going to wait to see if people buy this controller before investing money and time into it.

While it has been selling, it is by no means sold out. Remember you could hardly buy a Wii online, yet alone a brick and mortar store. This article is so humourous because I can go right now to my local gamestop and buy a move. Maybe I should buy one and sell it on ebay and make a profit. I guess if it wasn't selling for less money that you buy it at a store for I would be able to do that.

The truth is in the numbers. I personally am taking a wait and see approach as I think about 90% of playstation owners.

barom2884d ago

"that is if people only bought one move controller per house hold."

This is incorrect. VGChartz estimated that only 25% of the standalone Move controller sales were for customers with a PSEye. This means that you can expect the rest of those sales (75%) to be for people who wanted a second (or third/fourth?) controller.

In any case it's all an estimate. Take every number with a grain of salt.

strickers2884d ago

Sports Champions number 2 in UK software chart behind Halo.I read 150000 sales.That makes VGcharts numbers look a little off.Most other weeks(no Halo,GT big hitters etc)it would be number 1.

gamingdroid2884d ago

It could be that retailers didn't expect strong sales so ordered fewer than usual. With that said, PS Move Bundle is listed as number 6 and the wand only is number 5 on bestseller list right now.

It is definitely selling stronger than I expected due to general sentiment of low pre-orders and that is great!

Hope some quality games comes out for it soon.

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VINNIEPAZ2885d ago

Here is my whole dilemma. Me and my girl are gamers and love playing co-op games. Now I know some games are gonna need 2 Motion controllers to play and some will need a Motion controller and a Navigation remote.
So for the "total package" (4 Motion controllers and 2 Navigation remotes + camera) we are going to have to spend about $310 (not including tax) for every possible controller combination. That sucks because we
really want to try it out together. Hopefully I can find some used one around town or find a killer online deal.

dirtydbz2885d ago

well you won't need 2 nav controllersI would just get 1 so you can knock 30$ off that price if you were on ng4 yesterday they had a deal with a code from game stop for online purchases yeah it can get expencive

dead_eye2885d ago

i don't think any game that will come out will require you to use two move controllers for one person. no game supports the nav controller yet so you don't have to buy them

dirtydbz2885d ago

@deadeye there are 3 games on sports champions that don't require 2 controllers but they are much better with 2 ( yeah you don't need them but so much better with 2)

VINNIEPAZ2885d ago

I was looking at a list they had up at Best Buy Dead Eye and there are games that require 2 Motion controls and Motion with Nav setups. Cant remember the list off the top of my head though

jwatt2885d ago

I would just go with the 99 bundle plus an extra move controller and two navs and just get the two extra controllers at a later date. You both wont get to play at the same time with two moves but at least you'll have them to see what it's like.

badz1492885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

even in Sports Champion, all games are playable with only 1 and if you have 2, it can only gets better! my advice is buy 1 1st and try it for yourself with all the games and if you like it, then you can think about spending for another 1. smart purchase 101! but 2 MOVE is the best if you wanna play with somebody. and, table tennis is insane!

eggbert2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I KNOW Kmart has a $25 gaming coupon with the move bundle, and gamestop had a 2 move controllers for $80 before. So technically you could get

Move Bundle (25 dollar gift card to Kmart)- $100
1 Move controller ($10 gift card) - $25 with the previous gift card
another move controller ($10 gift card) - $40 with previous gift card
another move controller ($10 gift card) - $40 with previous gift card
A navigation controller ($10 gift card) - $20 with previous gift card
A navigation controller ($10 gift card) - $20 with previous gift card

So your total would be 245. You'd end up with the 4 move controllers, 2 nav's, a PSeye, sports champions, the demo disk, and a spare $10 gift card to kmart.

Getting my info from here

Personally I'd buy a move bundle from Kmart, but the closest Kmart around me is over 50 miles away. I'm going to wait until a different retailer sets up a good deal for Move before I purchase it.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2885d ago

He is stealth trolling, buy 1 see if you like it get your GF to play with a regular controller in RE5.

Most ppl will take a while buying 4 if ever.

nycredude2884d ago

The only games taht suppport the Nav atm is RE5 gold adn Mag. You camn skip those for now. I played all the games in Sports Champions with my wife for hours with just one MOve controller each and it was a blast! Just get the bundle with an extra controller for now. Get the other stuff next year.

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jwatt2885d ago

At first I had no plans on purchasing move but after it's launch I really had thoughts of buying one. Ping Pong just looks fun to me plus it would be cool to play with me sis when she comes for the holidays.

cayal2885d ago

I'm in the same boat but I would like to see some more hardcore games out first before getting it.

Marceles2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Ping pong is amazing on the Move, I was in the same boat. I had no plans on getting the Move at least until alot later, but ended up getting it Saturday with RE5 Gold.

The precision of how you do everything is pretty amazing. It matters how you hold the paddle, how you swing the can't just wag the controller and let your character swing at the ball and you don't want to turn your wrist while swinging either unless you want to miss the ball or purposely want to put spin on the ball. It matters what spot in front of the camera you're in, it's actually a really deep game lol...


me to but just got one to try all the demos and for my 3 year ol to play eyepet and was impressed so now am goin to get sports champions, i was going to get one for dead space and the newer build of the fight looks good so id say def get one

DMason2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

When I picked mine up just last night, Best Buy had a table full of bundles left, and I live in a college town.

But congrats to Sony for their success, especially without having a full fledged marketing campaign(which I believe they're saving for the holidays)

Imperator2885d ago

I got a bundle but I can't find a stand alone Move controller anywhere. The five gamestops in my city don't have them, Wal-Mart doesn't have any, best buy doesn't, kmart ran out, and now even Amazon doesn't have any. I really want a second controller :(

DORMIN2885d ago

I saw them sold out at Wal Mart and Best Buy today and all they had were Navi controllers.

I'm still planing on getting one soon enough.

Deafman4202884d ago

Target. The Move is the first purchase I've made for my 9 month old Ps3 (other than blu ray movies) Got the bundle at Gamestop and found a stand alone controller (luckily) @ Target. Hoping Valve brings Left 4 Dead to PS3. Oh yeah I like to move it, move it. Now I'm really looking forward to gaming on the PS3.
*probably gonna get a second PS3 now that the kids digging the move more than the wii. Besides, I'm not trying to have kids down in the mancave I'm about to pimp out when we move into our new house next month. :-)

avengers19782885d ago

how can someone disagree with @jleack statement, Doesn't make sense.
I know I got mine day one and about 16 people on my friends list have been playing sports champions soooo they must have it too.
I bought it; I like it; I'm glad it's doing well.

Marceles2885d ago

"good for Sony"

lol man...typing that must've really made you sick to your stomach deadreck. I can picture you punching in the keys all angrily while typing too...G-O-O-D F-O-R S-O-N-Y

kwicksandz2885d ago

i can only speak to my personal experience but having just come from san diego walmart, frys and best buy both had stacks and stacks of move bundles and nav/move controllers.

Sold out? not even close

VINNIEPAZ2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

@TIER_1_BEARD- "He is stealth trolling, buy 1 see if you like it get your GF to play with a regular controller in RE5."

Oh yes, somebody didnt give the "ALL HAIL SONY!" salute so I have to be trolling right? This is why you Sony fanboys get on my nerves. Take a look at my setup

You see that? I have a LAUNCH ($600) PS3 and a Slim, I also have THREE PSPs. I must really want sony to fail with the move huh? WRONG! I'm just a lil put off it'll cost me around $300 for me and my girl to get the full move gameplay experience. I really dont care I get disagrees on every comment I make, even when I do praise sony because I call out fanboys and they hold that grudge, it fine. Maybe look at my track record and see I NEVER once said ANYTHING bad about sony, only you lame fanboys.

iceman062885d ago

That's a hell of a set-up! If I weren't a grown man I'd ask you to adopt ME!! F'it...adopt me....PLEASE!!! LOL

Denethor_II2885d ago

Vinneboy, like the setup, but those speakers need replacing badly; and why so many Xbox's? Are you into modding?
Most of what you say is nonsensical fanboy garbage, but that IS a nice setup. Its clear what console you favour;)

nycredude2884d ago

You forgot to write on a piece of paper your nick (vinniepaz). Otherwise this could be just some random internet pic.

I would also post my setup but I don't want to show off.

shadyiswin2884d ago

Xbox gets the big screen :p, imma get a ps3 off craigslist I've seen a ton for $150. Not kidding craigslist new york, I'll get it next year though, there seems to be a release every month of a game/peripheral that I want for the remainder of this year :/

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dragon822885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Well I am on jleak's friends list and I have MOVE. So do about 30 people on my friends list. Maybe you should just go back to your grandma's baement to cry like the good little troll that you are.

snp2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I wouldn't worry too much about deadreckoning666. I'm guessing the '666' is some sort of ode to his mischief.

But either way, the guy is either a fanatic (and a fairly disingenuous one playing games/misrepresenting his motives with just about post he puts up) or he's just a flat out troll. If i had to vote, i'd give him the award for most obnoxious on this site (well in excess of the Omega's of the site).

There's diehard's representing either side (including trolls) but deadreckoning666 is a whole nother breed. The provocation, the insincerity (he'll spend three quarters of his time posing as a Ps3 owning diehard, but 99% of what he levels at the product is vitriolically negative - let alone his fixation with the 'SDF' - whilst he gets incredibly agitated at the whiff of even the slightest perceived criticism of an MS based product (but of course doesn't own any)), not to mention the pervasive and perpetual victim mentality.

You open a deadreckoning666 post and you can pretty much guess what it'll say - and it ain't ever pleasant (and frankly he's getting worse). If he's not a troll, i think he's probably best staying away from the site (and i suspect he's not a troll - there doesn't seem to be much 'fun' in his voice) given the tone of bitterness and hostility (anger, really) in everything he writes. It reads as way out of proportion with what this site aught to do to anyone's mental state (i mean, this is just the comments section of a video game website with fairly shallow interactions between strangers - no one aught to read as that worked up.)

TotalPS3Fanboy2884d ago

Why you so angry, man?

You should be cheering with us, because Playstation Move just sold out during its first week. This is a great time for celebration, not bitterness.

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monk3392885d ago

you also forgot the fact that Sony made them very limited. This is border line a soft launch.

Bzone242885d ago

"Well, considering just about every friend I have already owns one, I'm not surprised!"
Well that accounts for 1 move.

otherZinc2885d ago

There are 3 Gamestops within 5 blocks where I live & 1 had a midnight launch & sold 4. Freaking 4 Move bundles!

There's a BestBuy, Wal-mart, Kmart, Target & they have plenty Move bundles left.

Now Settle down, this **** is going to flop.

dragon822885d ago

Walmart and Kmart in my town both still have a few MOVE controllers and a few bundles. Strangely enough Walmart is sold out of NAV controllers and I bought the last NAV controller at Kmart. I noticed that alot of online retailers had MOVE contollers and games on backorder when I was looking this weekend.

Denethor_II2885d ago

@jleack Same here buddy;)

frostypants2884d ago

I think Move is pretty sweet in terms of motion controls.

But am I the only one who still thinks motion controls are dumb in general? I have little desire for this.

Christopher2884d ago

Dose of reality.

Initial hardware release stock is based on pre-orders and estimated retail shelf space. Since pre-orders were not that great, initial stock limited and shelf space at an amount similar to minor hardware.

So, these selling out on the limited stock that was available isn't much of a surprise considering the quantity initially released to match pre-orders and fit on the limited shelf space.

Honestly, it's unlikely this or Kinect will sell more widely than a standard game on release, though the diminishing rate is on a much lesser curve than game sales.

nycredude2884d ago

That is a lot of stock jargon. Are you a day trader? The "real" reality is that the tech works, people are impressed (gamers and critics) and most likely the sales will get better and better with word of mouth. This is a good start for Sony and the Move before the Holiday arrives.

XabiTheHumble2884d ago

deadreckoning is so butthurt for some reason. Had a bad day buddy?

Sangheili852884d ago

I can tell you that bestbuy was under strict orders from the higher ups not to sell move until the Sunday after it was released for the ad. Most if not all stores got the ad minimum of 8. So bestbuy that many.

gta28002884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

This is legit. I went to three Gamestops Sunday and all three were sold out of the bundle. One didn't even have at least the controllers. I managed to find the bundle at Target but it was the last copy. So anyone that's saying jleack or this story is full of sh!t are probably just worried fanboys that are hoping the story isn't true. By the way, I'm located in California.

On a side note. I'm really impressed with the Move. Anyone that says it's a wii clone needs to get their hands on one before they speak. They're totally different. The only similarities is that they're both motion controls and that it. When it comes to the technical aspects, the Move is miles more advanced. I'm exited about the potential games that the Move is capable of.

Scary692884d ago

Yep I know a few who already own it, my local Best buy and Gamestop have none in stock. Best Buy only had 2 chargers left.

ozps32884d ago

Not hard to see y. Adds a whole new dimension to gaming.... accuracy and true 1: 1 mapping in 3d.

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Nitrowolf22885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

def doing better then i expected then
Friday at the best buy in the city there were like 10 of them, 9 after i bought one
the other best buy around me had already sold out but they said that they would only get around 4-8
still need to buy a second one

Orange2885d ago

I hoofed it straight away to Best Buy after work here in S.F. There was plenty of everything left, but it looked like they'd stocked quite a bit to begin with, so sales were probably respectable.

dirtydbz2885d ago

where in sf oarnge I bought mine off geary friday after work 1 bundle and one extra controller. and it didn't look like they had much stocklike maybe 4 bundles and about 4 of everything

Orange2885d ago

Harrison & South Van Ness. Got the bundle, an extra move, and the nav controller. Lots of single moves and nav controllers, and maybe a dozen bundles. I guess that's pretty low stock for the bundles.

Shaymin2885d ago

Lets Enjoy this before Omega4 comes over here and Starts Trolling

n4gno2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

If omega don't, you have "dance", nbidu, outrun., the mart, and others denial donkey's multi accounts to do it :)

Gamers like quality, dumbers like quantity (but only when ps3 don't sell more softwares and hardware/4 millions than xbox, like last year !)

by the way, in my town, all the stores was full of move products (more space than all the games and accessories : guess what ? sold out 2 days after)

Denethor_II2885d ago

Omenga4 is a smelly head fun wrecker!!!

Dance2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

little misleading as it stands 140k worldwide

which make you wonder how many they had in stock in the first place

CrazyForGames2885d ago

don't you know VG chartz is always wrong unless the numbers sound really good lol

snp2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Really? I think they are tosh and have never said otherwise. In fact, in the many threads i see their numbers posted - even including ones with positive sounding numbers - i consistently see people (helplessly unfortunately) reasserting the case for their uselessness/unreliability (bringing up within those very threads cases again and again and again where vgchartz numbers either don't stack up to properly established numbers).