Sony Asks For Dismissal Of PS3 'Other OS' Class Action

Attorneys representing Sony Computer Entertainment America have responded to a class action lawsuit over the April removal of the PS3's "Other OS" feature with a motion to dismiss the case.

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loslonelyman2857d ago

when i bought a second non-slim...instead of the slim PS3. It was to have another Linux O/S capable PS3 and have access to the PSN. Had i known of the software update,i would not have purchased it. That is why i am supporting the lawsuit.

rdgneoz32854d ago

"One plaintiff never installed Linux during the more than two years he owned his PS3; two plaintiffs used the Other OS feature only to do things equally available through the PS3 native operating system; one plaintiff supposedly also played Linux-specific games; and the last plaintiff used Linux extensively, including for electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheet software, and other 'productivity applications.'"

Yep, support 1 guy actually using it and the rest trying to get money out of the whole thing. Perfect thing to support.