Sony's PlayStation division looking for engineers with Android dev experience

Speculation that Sony is working with Android for a PSP phone increases after this job posting is found.

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jay22926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It's coming, baby.

Senior Server Engineer

Job Type:
Dependant on experence
Date Posted:

Online Technology Group
Soho, London


The main responsibilities of the role are as follows:

• Participate in design review of applications and services. Come up with design best practices for building operational effectiveness in applications early in design.

• Identify the need for automation in processes and automate them if feasible.

• Identify the need for tools that help in Operations and implement them.

• Help game teams with development of distributed and networked applications and services when required.

• Plan reusable performance benchmark tests for applications and services.

• Recommend what works how, when and where and what does not work how, when and where when it comes to applications or services performance.

• Help troubleshoot issues at different levels of architecture - kernel, network, applications/services.


The candidate must have these qualities or experiences:

• Communication skills are essential in this customer facing role.

• Strong experience in developing distributed networked applications that make use of protocols such as TCP, UDP, and HTTP.

• Extensive knowledge of Linux.

• Strong skills in more than one of the following: Perl, Bash/ksh, Python, Ruby.

• Exposure to live application hosting.

• Strong understanding of database performance and tuning.

• Experience in using software design patterns, data structures, algorithms.

• Programming Experience in C/C++ and/or Java.

• Ability to manage oneself across multiple streams of work.

• Experience automating tests and tasks.

Highly desirable:

• BS or MS in Computer Science.

• Experience of working as a core developer.

• Experience in design and development of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

• Experience with cloud hosting, such as Amazon Web Services.

• Experience in mobile development, specifically Android is a plus.

• Knowledge/experience of online gaming.

sounds very intresting, and clowd's listed.

@drewboy704 just buy an unlocked one if need be.

drewboy7042926d ago

Better come to T-mobile cause that's where I'm at. Maybe a 4 in touchscreen with nice keyboard (maybe even dual analog sticks)

pspgweber2926d ago

Could be. Since At&t already have Apple.

TotalPS3Fanboy2926d ago

and it will be different and separate from the PSP2.

Ju2925d ago

I'd rather call it PSN for Android. Or Playstation Market for Android or something down the road.

Android has an app store, but what they lack is a unified game store, most likely an opportunity to compete against Xbox Live on WinPhone7. Can well be, that Google/Sony will create a counter part to that.

I don't think it'll be "just" another PSP(2).

QSPR2926d ago Show
dark-hollow2926d ago

Soo is that means we will get a psp2 phone or the old psp phone??? Both ways can't wait for it
Android biggest weakness is gaming and with this phone I guess it will only be a matter of time till android is the most poplar smartphones os in the world

8-bit2926d ago

I am hoping that Sony take the Apple approach to their next handheld from a certain standpoint. Like how they have the iphones and the ipod touch. Same devices practically but one has phone capabilities. I would love to have 3G on it too!

Soldierone2926d ago

Yeah except it uses Android and isn't exclusive to a crappy network. Oh and doesnt have Apple backing it. Yeah thats a major point.

Android is friggin amazing and if it came to PSP that would create miracles. I just dont want it to be its own app network. Look what happened to the Zune, it sucked, no one developes for it. That and Ms is planning a phone with the same network and completely abandoned the Zune HD. Nothing can compete with Iphone and Android now, both are strong, and Android just gets better by the day.

Android beats Iphone everyday of the week.

randomwiz2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Im pretty sure there will be a PSP2 that is completely separate from the Sony Ericsson PlayStation branded phone.

Personally, I really don't find phone capabilities necessary. It adds bulk, ties you to carriers and becomes expensive. But I'm ok if there is a psp phone and a separate PSP2 meant to be pure gaming and media. I just don't prefer it combined.

2926d ago
Britney Spears2926d ago

i don't want psp2 to go into that direction,it's dumb, focus on gaming.

jwatt2926d ago

Yea I agree but I would carry my psp around more if it had phone like features.

CrAnKiTuP_012926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Shut up Britney.

end 4 teh lulz/

It would be pretty cool to have a PSP and a phone as one, but then there can always be problems such as constant interruption during gameplay etc.
But I'm sure Sony has this. They got this. They almost always do in my opinion. :)

Ju2925d ago

Sony can do both. They can bring "Playstation" as a SW platform to Android (branding, store front (PSN), and developer tools - allows fast porting of PSP games to Android). And at the same time, they can still have a dedicated gaming handheld. Best of both worlds.

Sony can't come up with a game-phone platform on their own. This will not survive. They will need support of current handheld and mobile/phone game developers and yet give both a unified platform.

Newtype2926d ago

Sony and Google alliance....CONFIRMED.

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