Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim: Armed to the Hilt to Take on Sony’s PS3

Big internal 250 GB hard drive and built-in 802.11n WiFi: If you look at the combined price of a 250 GB HDD and a wireless networking adapter (about Rs 8,000), the Xbox 360 Slim does indeed offer a lot more value for money than all of its predecessors.

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units2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

microsoft and sony been at each other throats lately

drewboy7042715d ago

Still without a Blue-Ray player hardware value can't match the PS3

drewboy7042715d ago

Come on good Blue Ray players still cost hundreds. I still spend most of my time playing Reach so i can't be a fanboy. I'm just saying hardware wise I think The slim PS3 packs the better value

drewboy7042715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I wouldn't say dead last but you don't think a Blu Ray player adds any value to the PS3 now?

Troll_Police2715d ago

Due to the one year head start from MS the PS3 started 8 million consoles behind but now it's only 3 million behind the one year head start. What happened?

Newtype2715d ago

3D support, adds even more value to the PS3.

Godmars2902715d ago

Thing is last place doesn't mean the same thing as it meant last console gen.

Hence all of the comments about Xbox1 being "2nd" and how that was something when the gap between 2nd and 1st was well over 50 million consoles. This time around that gap is only 4-5m where it use to be 9m, while no one really pays attention to the Wii in 1st.

Rush2715d ago

I didn't know the PS3 had Blue-Ray either I guess you learn something new every day.

n4gno2715d ago Show
Imperator2715d ago


Actually, if you did some research you'd find that the Ps3 is one of the best Blu-ray players around. And the PS3 has outsold the 360 almost every year since it's release, so if the Ps3 ain't selling well then the 360 isn't either.

blitz06232715d ago

LMAO. You 360 fanboys never cease to amaze me.

The article itself is talking about hardware quality, comparing the specs of the 360 and the PS3, and here comes a stupid troll talking about... guess what, sales!

Bathyj2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Keep holding onto that "Last place" niceguywii60. Its the only thing that gives you comfort. God, it might have mattered when XB was 10M and PS3 was 2M but when they're both about 40M and only a couple million apart, it really doesnt matter, and you just sound desparate, trying to claim you have the bigger penis.

Its funny how you do nothing but complain about Fanboys when you're the biggest one.

A quick look at you last dozen or so comments and its all, PS3 is last, Move had a poor launch, Sony cant sell, blah blah blah.

You dont even talk about 360. I know theres not that much to talk about, you get good games every 6 months or so but I honestly think trashing PS3 gives you more pleasure than enjoying XB. Thats just sad.

Why dont you tell us something good about Xbox, or just shut up. Dont just whine about PS3, you're doing exactly what you claim you hate, being an obnoxious fanboy.

KingKiff2715d ago

You are so annoying that you have made the ever expanding ignore list.


Nathaniel_Drake2715d ago

Also the 3.5 firmware just increase the value of the PS3 more with 3D movie implementation, don't know why you got disagrees for blu-ray comment

KingKiff2715d ago

You know if we all report niceguywii60 as offensive or personal attack he gets banned for 5 days???

Could be funny, not having him post a troll comment on that account for 5 days...

Just saying.

BattleAxe2714d ago

"Armed to the hilt" Does that mean that this time the 360 will blow up?

hard joe2714d ago

and what about hdd?
some xbs still sell without it
but 4 gb memory

ozps32714d ago

The 2 or 3 million lead you talk about does the 360 even lead ps3? With a 33% failure rate of xb360 the working units of 360 compared to ps3 might b less. Software sales of 360 compared to ps3 don't reflect the hardware gap in the US

SL1M DADDY2714d ago

The 360 has a BD player in it now? Since when?

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number472715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

No functionality with current games...

No new innovative titles....

A advertising campaign selling you promises?

Brklynty12715d ago

LOL 4 years just to go arms with it and still lose in a 1 Hit KO thanks to Blu-Ray XD

lowcarb2715d ago

Bluray is most definitely an added value but i thought PS3 was going to surpass 360 years ago. What happened?

Brklynty12715d ago

I i thought PS3 had no games. What happened? oh yea 360 took its job

RonRico2715d ago

Years ago? How many years ago? These consoles haven't been out for that many years. Also, minus 1 year for the PS3.

avengers19782715d ago

Seeing as how the 360/s doesn't actually make the 360 any better.(besides bulit in wifi witch ps3 has had the whole time) Then the PS3 is still the better console. Sales don't mean that the 360 is better just that they marketed it well.
IMO 360 may have sold more so far, but PS3 has sold to more DIFFERENT People. i.e. more re-buys of 360's then PS3.
Oh,and since the 360 still isn't capable of something like uncharted 2 means PS3 still #1 in terms of power.

2715d ago
bustamove2715d ago

Wow, all I heard from you was the insane ramblings of a fanboy running out of ammunition.

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B-Real2062715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

the ps3 just passed the wii for yearly sales in japan.

side note: it's BLU-RAY NOT BLUE-RAY. Look on the back of any ps3 game or movie

drewboy7042715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

my bad

The English language confuses me. Then again so does every language.

drewboy7042715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

People bought PS3s (sometimes cause of the Blu Ray Player cough) However I think the gap will start to open up again soon. This gen will probably end in a 5 mill difference not including the Wii.

Troll_Police2715d ago

People bought Xbox 360s (sometimes as replacements due to high failure rate cough). However I think the gap will continue to close. See what I did thar?

BeOneWithTheGun2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Have to agree. I started this gen with a launch 360 and went through 3 of them. In June '08, the MGS bundle came out and I decided to go with that instead of another 360. I stayed on the PS3 until 2 months ago and broke down and bought a 4Gb Slim. I really like Halo, Fable and Gears so it was worth 200 to me.

Of course, I go to play coop on Reach and "what's that"? Oh, it doesn't see a hard drive. Nice MS.

So, I am not one to say my schlong is bigger than yours because I just like to game but I will say in overall RELIABILITY, the PS3 wins hands down.

EDIT: Typo

All_4_One2715d ago

I disagree, the 360 slim didn`t even have the fraction of an impact the PS3 slim did.

"ready to take on anything that the Sony’s PS3 dishes out."

I`ll keep that in mind once GT5 hits.

Troll_Police2715d ago

The PS3 dishes out:

Bluetooth compatibility
Web Browser
7.1 audio
1080P resolution
rechargable controllers
PSP sync
accepts any laptop HDD
free online play
free facebook
free twitter
free 6 person video chat
free access to Netflix
free access to Hulu
free PS Home

units2715d ago

now your sounding desperate

Apocalypse Shadow2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

dvd upscaling
3D games support
3D movies support
memory card slots
ps2 playback
ANY flashcard support
printer support
keyboard/mouse support

microsoft still doesn't seem ready.and with a lack of 1st party devs,a lack of games to equal sony.

PS3fanboyto-dacore2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Uve mostly described my PC. Dude, ur insecurity is showing in a BIG way. Only reason ur getting agrees is because N4G is a PS3 fanboys haven.

"PS3 will ALWAYS be the superior console with the superior games"

Really? According to who exactly?? The PS3 fanboys on this site who come here to reassure themselves that they made the "right choice" and attack anyone with a conflicting opinion?

So according to you, its "impossible" for a person to believe that the 360 is the superior console with superior games? ur mind. Lets forget sales for a moment. If what you say is true..why do more people on PSN WILLINGLY choose to play MW2 over Killzone 2? Answer me that bud.

@writersblock- Yea, just joined. Pretty sweet name huh =D

writersblock2715d ago

Thats really ironic, looking at your username

Motorola2715d ago

You JUST joined? Oh boy you wont last long

boodybandit2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

How is the truth desperate?
Somebody is surely sounding desperate but it isn't troll police.

I didn't realize batteries, charge packs and cables, were free on the 360. I could swear I pay for mine. Where do I get the free ones at units? I have been missing out and feel silly now.

I'm sorry units, you were saying something about being desperate?

You know I really don't know why I am bothering but ignorance like yours and this lame ass article really rubs me wrong. Why? Because of all the additional purchases us XBox 360 consumers have to shell out for that are free on every other gaming format.

A format that took 4 years to minimize their horrid failure rate. A format that is constantly making physical changes to it's hardware while sticking it to the existing consumers. All this from a company that is continually nickeling and diming us to death and yet people come on here standing up for them as if they are members of your family or close friends.

You units, make PRtards like Aaron Greenburg and Don Mattrick proud. Keep up the good work. I'm sure they appreciates your hard work and dedication as much as they do sticking it to you and laughing, not behind your back, but in your face.

Denethor_II2714d ago

"Uve mostly described my PC."

I know, isn't the PS3 amazing!

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JRobes2715d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the PS3 also see a price drop when it released the new slim? (I honestly don't remember)

Back on topic, I have a 360 but I have to say that Sony does have the more equipped console but it comes down to what the end user wants out of it... I love the Halo multiplayer along with all my friends and thats what I bought it for.

Ivan Drago IV2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

If all I cared about is sales then I would drive a Honda instead of a Mercedes, I would have a blackberry instead of a IPhone 4, my favorite movie would be Avatar instead of Heat, I would wear Aeropostale instead of Ralph Lauren and I would own a Wii instead of a PS3.

So what's the point you might ask? The point is the inferior products almost ALWAYS outsell the superior products. I don't care if the 360 sells 300 million consoles, PS3 will ALWAYS be the superior console with the superior games.

etownone2715d ago

Well said.

Same thing happen last gen. PS2 outsold the superior XBOX

Or the gen before that: PS1 outsold the superior N64

Well said sir, well said.

Britney Spears2715d ago

PS1 had cd so it was superior to N64. xbox had no games and it's a pos console.

Nathaniel_Drake2715d ago

Well sales are the only value 360 had, and that really only affects investors. Sure sales do help in increasing game production, but for the 360 that is an exception

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