PSP Slim Battery Pack Priced and Dated

Sony has offically announced a price on its new Slim PSP battery pack. The pack will retail at $39 and be available in stores on the 20th September.

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SuperSaiyan44081d ago

Okay? So a new battery is news worthy??? How about an actual price and release date for the Slim PSP or does that not come with a battery and Sony want to charge us extra??

Marona4081d ago

But the PSP Slim has already been priced+Dated.... :/ Thats like saying "A new *InsertVideoGameNameHere* ingame screenshot not news worthy?" when people still approve it.

Babylonian4081d ago

"Sony has announced that its new PSP Slim battery pack (PSP-S110) will be available individually on September 20th for ¥4,500 (US $39). The actual portable launches that day as well."

And read this too:

"Oh, and yes, the previously announced Lithium-ion rechargeable battery will be packaged with the PSP Slim. This right here is for those who like to buy extras."

And it obviously that this is also coming to Europe as Sony stated that the launch will be worldwide (thus including accesories because it's only logical to have those too once the system is on the shelves)

So stop bashing, or better yet, since in all your other comments you talk crap all the time: SHUT UP!

SuperSaiyan44081d ago

Where its apparently coming out first...Funny that.