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The latest LEVEL review scores include one of the first reviews of Enslaved, Dead Rising 2, Halo: Reach, Move titles such as Sports Champions, and more.

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Game-ur2884d ago

They think Enslaved is as good as Halo: Reach, no way.

I played the demo and it’s a 7 max, it looks great, put the gameplay is mediocre.

Quagmire2884d ago

Wow. And here I was thinking a demo wasnt comparable to a retail game.

Game-ur2884d ago

It was enough to feel the controls, combat and platforming, they weren't good, and the game almost played itself.

The good thing is the graphics and interesting story.

Chucky20032884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

i didn't know Enslaved is a FPS to compare it and review it like an FPS game
You know when you review a game you do it comparing it with the games from the same genre

callahan092884d ago

Everybody disagrees with Game-ur, but I don't know why. I would totally agree. Halo: Reach is just so much more polished and versatile than Enslaved. Enslaved is OK, but it tries too hard to incorporate platforming, but it's platforming is just so vanilla it's just a waste of time. Streamline the experience, Ninja Theory, just incorporate what your game does best. Platforming for the sake of it doesn't mean the game is more fun.

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Obelisk922884d ago

Enslaved actually looks good for me. I mean, Brutal Legend looked garbage too from the demo, but the retail game was pretty good.

I don't know, the demo doesn't let you play enough. Maybe the rest of the game is interesting.

snipes1012883d ago

Ensalaved cant be compared to halo...theyre entirely different genres. Enslaved is a 9 for an action platformer, not for a first person shooter. To all the people throwing uncharted into the mix, you cant do that eitehr this is a brawler not a shooter. People on these boards need to think about genres before talking about scores. Thats like me saying HOW DID ZELDA GET A 10 WHEN FORZA 3 GOT AN 8?! ZOMG...retards.

Omega42885d ago

Wow at Enslaved it could actually be a really solid title.

ReservoirDog3162884d ago

Yeah it looked interesting from the first time I saw it. Probably gonna take awhile to buy it though, sadly.

DarthMoose2884d ago

Im really excited for it, picking up both catslevania and enslaved, in 2 weeks, Woot, cant wait

colonel1792884d ago

I am too... although i'm still on the fence for Enslaved, I think I'd have to wait for more reviews. I just don't know if I should get it or Vanquish instead.

What would be better? I can only get one of them, along with Castelvania.

Digitaldude2884d ago

What do you mean actually? wtf.

KyRo2884d ago

I loved the demo personally. You could see it's heavily influenced by IMO, best game of this generation, Uncharted 2. The only thing I dislike about Enslaved was that it had Unreal engine look to it.

stuntman_mike2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I cant believe people are still doubting Ninja Theory after the excellent Heavenly Sword.

agree about the unreal engine thing, although it was different enough not to look exactly like all the other games running on it.

2883d ago
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eggbert2884d ago

seems like Enslaved getting pretty good scores. I'm surprised by the 5 for Spidey though, was expecting a 7-ish like every other reviewer.

schlanz2884d ago

my guess, second opinion.

DanteKnightsTemplar2884d ago may be just me,I didnt feel many things felt original.His hair looked like Goku in the DBZ series.His staff is the same as Gokus in the Dragonball series.It was hard for me to feel drawn to the character.I must admit the outside scenes,when he's jumping from wing to wing looks incredible.I will rent it...if it is enjoyable,I shall purchase it. I wonder if this means Ninja Theory will use the Unreal 3 engine for Devil May Cry?

xino2884d ago

it looked underwhelming because of the character's design that look so much like Goku!?
No he is a character from Journey to the West called Monkey and Goku is an exact copy and inspiration of Monkey.
The staff looks nothing like Goku's staff:/

the game looks underwhelming to me because it has more platforming than combat, and I really had enough of platforming games. The control response feel so awkward and weird yet it's also feels good.

Lombax2884d ago

There is something wrong with you...

Cheeseknight282884d ago

So what you're saying is, because he looks like Goku you don't like it?

Man. I am definitely not a DBZ fan, but I LOVED Chrono Trigger.

MAG_SVER2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I played the demo & it's nothing inspiring, in my opinion it was pretty much garbage. Also this is nowhere near Uncharted 2, if you think so then you're either delusional or need to get your eyes check.

NO WHERE NEAR UNCHARTED 2 or 1 really!!!

DarthMoose2884d ago

wow, this game is nowhere near garbage, you obvisously have a terrible taste in games

xino2884d ago

ironic that this trash company LEVEL gave other good games bad score such as Dog Days, Other M, Shattered Dimensions etc, they were rated below 7, so what is wrong with Mag_sver not liking this gamer?
While LEVEL gave this, Wii party and Halo Reach great score.
Says much about who has a bad taste in gaming...right?

The game does look nothing like Uncharted 1! They tried to make it look like UC1 with the greeny lush design full of flowers and leaf but ultimately doesn't look flawless as UC1.

Good looking game but it's a been there done that with the Platforming, it offers nothing new as we have done exactly the same thing to UC1 & 2.
Only difference with this game is melee combat rather than shooting, and thus the failing aspect is that it focuses more on platforming than combat:/

Therefore Enslaved is just another decent game

DarthMoose2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

this game is simliar to uncharted 1 in many ways yes, thats why I like, uncharted is one of my fav series, but its a completer diff story, plus its not a shooter, you people are comparing this to uncharted way too much, I think the game looks epic and should at least be worth a rent, i buying it anywho , and how can u say its just a decent game, just u beat it yet, did u play through the entire game, umm no, pfft, my god gamers today are so snobby, why does everything have to be beyond perfection with you people

Saladfax2883d ago

Who cares how it compares to Uncharted? Sure maybe the platforming and visuals are similar and whatnot, but the concept and story are so far apart that judging one based upon the other is absurd.

Is it possible, I mean, possible at all, that both games can exist and be good?

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