Premium CoD service 'in the pipeline', suggests Activision

Activision has revealed that "new service offerings" which will "enhance" online revenues from Call Of Duty are "in the pipeline". Which, in non-fiscal speak, means some kind of paid-for premium multiplayer option ain't likely to be far away.

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MGRogue20172923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

... F*ck. F*ck.. F*ck F*ck... F*CK!!!! >.<

Okay, Relax.. carm down.. I think it's just a rumor.. Please be a rumor!

*gets down on knees* Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee eeeeeeee!!!!!!! :(

SubZero2923d ago

If ppl didnt pay for so much DLC, Live etc...this would not happen.

However people keep throwing cash at these ppl ...damn shame.

Megaton2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

That's what people don't seem to grasp. All this spending on overpriced DLC and unnecessary membership fees sets a precedent. It shows the greedy bastards in charge that they can keep pushing further, and get away with taking more. Things are gonna get way worse before they even have a chance at getting better.

Odds are I'll be back on PC for the majority of my gaming before this gen is over.

AllroundGamer2923d ago

man i hope this is a rumor... i never bought a DLC cause i always thought, that the people buying DLCs and paying for services which were originally free (i mean like maps, mods, online play on PC) will make the gaming industry arrogant and moneyhungry with less and less original ideas for games... the companies will only go that far how people will let them, so pls don't support such behaviour, thx.

Redrum0592923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

if this is true, then im off to the TIER 1 camp.

activision has always been a money hungry bastard company.

Now that i think about it, it wont be hard to say no to blackops; GT5, LBP2, and brotherhood are more then enough to satisfy my online gaming needws for the rest of the year.

+bubbles wellsaid

sikbeta2923d ago


"Premium" = *pay for on-line multiplayer*

RBLAZE19882923d ago

If even a million 360 gamers pay a monthly fee on top of live fees to play cod. If the happens it'll be a sad day. Ps3 gamers have more wallet space because they have free online gaming and i see a majority of cod exclusive 360 gamers moving over to ps3 or pc if this new fee for cod happens. But i doubt many current ps3 gamers will pay since they're used to playing for free. If that happens there are plenty ps3 games to play online screw cod.

SubZero2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Now i cant say i have never bought DLC or paid for Live either.

That being said i have to 100% agree that any game that has DLC day 1 is complete BS. If a game has been out for months and they decided to add something to freshen the experience ...i might bite.

But this trend of selling stuff day one that should be or is already on the disk is insane.
Ive skipped several games over the past couple due to this. EA, Capcom and Activision..I am looking at you.

badz1492923d ago

it's not that I will pay for it but it's just that I can't wait for Activision to go down under (not Australia) in their rotten coffin when they finally decided to implement this idea and gamers don't pay! I still have faith in humanity and believe gamers will stay away from this crap! shooting down AV and CoD at the same time? 2 birds with 1 bullet I tell ya and what makes it sweeter is, AV is the 1 providing the bullet! Kotick, I'm waiting!

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metsgaming2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

good thing i dont like cod. lol

bumnut2922d ago

cod was cool until they started limiting the number of players because of xbl

Blackpool2923d ago

well wasn't picking this up i mean i have alot friends getting it but its not worth it.. ill stick to bfbc2 or maybe vanquish.

dgroundwater2923d ago

Sorry but there's no rumour here. It's inevitable plans straight from the horse's mouth. Don't worry though. It will only add more to the service >:)

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lucifon2923d ago

I think it's pretty safe to assume they'll do what Bungie has done with Halo and offer a 'CoD PRO' style option for $10 a year or so with extra online storage space for the saved films.

Dr Face Doctor2923d ago

Heh, Activision using a logical, non-intrusive way of making more money. For a second there I thought you were serious. XD

DanSolo2923d ago

There is a good chance it will only be for extra's and not core gameplay... but if it is.... well then just stop buying COD! If someone tries to rip you off and you let them, then soon you will be getting ripped off all the time.

I just traded my MW2 in for Bad Company 2, I am having alot more fun playing that. When Black Ops comes out I may get that as well, but to be honest I am happy playing either game, I will just buy and play whichever one suits me the best.... particularly in the wallet department!

seanoc2923d ago

Premium subscriptions will eventually become the norm so we should get used to the idea. Once one company starts doing it the rest will quickly jump on the gravy train. Oh, by "one company", you know I mean Activision.

Premium subscriptions aren't such a bad thing if it leads to us getting better quality content, but I must admit I'm sceptical that this will be the case. We need consumers to be a bit smarter and stay away from companies who put their hand out for money without offering anything of value in return. Sadly, there's enough 'uninformed' gamers out there for publishers to prey on.

I'm not overly optimistic but I'm resigned premium subscriptions being the future.

theonlylolking2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Activision must fall for the sake of the gaming industry.

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