5 Things Reach Could've Done Without

Beer + Videogames: Every diamond has its flaws, and as perfect a return to form as Bungie’s final entry in the Halo franchise is, the honest truth says that it has some baggage. I’m not talking about the kind of baggage the refugees of Reach will be carrying after their home planet gets wasted, but a few ill-conceived features Bungie coded in good faith and intent, that fell behind compared to every other finely polished surface on this gem...

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CombatEvolving2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Good thing the author has no say in the matter. Sounds like too much beer not enough video games to have any idea what is right.

-Alpha2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Don't call him names, it will get your comment marked as "Bad language", which it most certainly is. The list does suck though :)

-Alpha2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Sorry, but this list sucks.

5) Assassinations are real fun and it's a small touch, but the "humiliation" factor is nice. It makes people feel cocky, gets people amped up and I find it highly enjoyable getting a sick assassination in. Of course no one does it in the middle of a warzone, but successfully doing it in the middle of the warzone is what makes it so dangerous.

4) Armor Lock's problem in the beta was the spam of one use of the ability. They removed the spamming capability. Armor Lock is a good feature, and fairly balanced. If you misuse it you will pay for it. I also like the idea of having a counter to rockets, provided I'm quick enough to get the armor lock on.

3) Haven't gotten to this part in the SP

2) Ever play FireFight Classic? That's where you will find the classic Firefight.

1) Why complain about this? Seriously, I don't understand the issue with this.

kaveti66162829d ago

I've been playing Reach MP for a couple of days and I think it's more balanced than Halo 3 was. No single weapon or armor ability has any advantage over the other. Even in maps where one armor ability would logically have more of an advantage, they don't. And that's a good thing.

Armor lock isn't an overpowered ability because what it really does is put the user in a vulnerable position. After the ability is depleted, a grenade toss and DMR shot is a quick kill.

And even if the armor abilities were overpowered, I'm sure Bungie would notice this and do something about it.

They've been tweaking Halo 3 for years. Gun positions on the maps have been changed or removed altogether sometimes just to create balance.

I think Halo Reach is not a game that can be reviewed once at launch and then left alone. It's constantly being improved.

EliteAssass1n2829d ago

it's so satisfying using Amror lock and having one of my teammates come by and the kill the enemy before the ability depletes.

-Alpha2829d ago

Yeah, Armor Lock is best in that situation.

Halo is a really good team game, though it doesn't force teamwork on you like some other games (BC2, K2, etc.)

That's what I really love. I have the freedom to play like a lone wolf without being tied down to hold my responsibility to a team but at the same time if I do choose to work as a team then we dominate.

Love it when someone uses armor ability and 4 of our guys surround him lol.

Troll_Police2829d ago

Can't a man have his opinion, Alpha?

crzyjackbauer2829d ago

not when his opinion is stupid as this

-Alpha2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I'm all for opinions. But in my opinion this list is attacking all the wrong things :)

For example one things I can think of that Reach could have done without:

-Infinite Tank Ammo (the thing needs a cooldown between shots)

All those things on that list is something that made Reach better, not something that Reach could have done without.

For example his argument for Firefight is that it isn't the same. Yet, I assume he didn't play the Classic Firefight available in the game, which means he didn't actually play the game as much as he should have before writing this article.

darkequitus2829d ago

There are opinions and there is just plin incorrect. I agree with space combat.
However, he is wrong regarding firefight. If you want to play firefight like ODST, use party system not matchmaking, like ODST in a custom came. Done

likedamaster2829d ago


Bubbles all the way. Dexter starts this coming Sunday... woot! ;)

Urmomlol2829d ago

Clearly the author of this article doesn't play Halo cooperatively with other people. If he did, he'd know Armor Lock is indispensable in team games if you actually have the coordination and skill to use it correctly.

One guy jumps in, uses shield, enemy starts shooting at him, rest of the team comes in after and get clean, easy kills.

CobraKai2829d ago

I agree. It was cool armor locking in front of a Hunter while a teammate takes him down from behind.

crzyjackbauer2829d ago

it was cool on legendary mode defending Dr Halsy's lab using armor lock

Armor lock>Wraith's Plasma Mortar

CobraKai2829d ago

I haven't gotten that far on Legendary but that's good to know. Is it true that there isn't a Legendary ending?

fastNslowww2829d ago

What an idiot, Good thing this guy doesn't make games...otherwise if we followed his logic, we'd still be living in caves.

Most of the things he listed is a fresh addition and NEEDED addition to the Halo formula as the game was aging..Reach is the best Halo yet. FACT!

EvilBlackCat2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

so bad language is banned at N4G right? LOL! omg i call inafune a [email protected]@rd in one of my posted comments and i was reported as bad language.


"Arguably, complaining about this bonus in Reach is like complaining that you only won the lottery once. The outer space dogfight segment during “The Long Night of Solace” mission was really cool, and it was ballsy of Bungie to include it."

*YUP that was cool

"Problem was, it was also too short and never used again in either the campaign or any multiplayer modes."

*That was the cool part... short and no need to used in any other part of the game.

"That the dev team went to all that trouble building a legitimate flight sim, and then only brought it out for one small portion of a single level."

*"That the dev team went to all that trouble building a legitimate flight sim"
LOL!!!!! omg! ok dude tooooooooooo much beer PUT the beer down while doing reviews please.

"It’s especially frustrating when the situation could have been a brilliant approach to Firefight, with you and three friends defending UNSC cruisers against waves of Covenant Banshees and Seraphs. It certainly would’ve made Firefight a more worthwhile addition…"

mmm...? yeah that will be cool but the handling of the space ships suck and DLC exist kid.

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