Are video games or films better at depicting war?

Guardian writes: "Patrick Hennessy, former soldier, and Miguel Sicart, video games expert, consider which medium best evokes the experience of battle."

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Hellsvacancy2858d ago

Books>>>Films>> >Games (yep, i read books)

TronEOL2858d ago

This is exactly how I see it too.

Non_sequitur2858d ago

I recommend 'A Rumor of War'. It's a great read on the Vietnam War.

dangert122858d ago

COD i never been to war but i know if you get shot you can run round the corner at full speed just like cod lol

UKdoaney2858d ago

I would say films because they depict a more realistic vision of war, whereas games are designed for you to enjoy and have fun with therefore removing how realistic it could be.

Psychotica2858d ago

Films. The opening scene of Saving Private Ryan is a good example. Video games won't show someone carrying their own arm after it got blown off.

spektical2858d ago

a book cant describe everything, and this is what came up to mind instantly. I dont think theres another war movie that accurately depicts war. Its a mess, its chaotic and its very bloody.

spektical2858d ago

i would put a couple games at the top two bad company and socom.

Bad Company because its pretty chaotic when ur trying to take the last crate.

Socom because it more or less depicts a representation of US and other armies tactics.

THe one flaw with these games , is of course that you can respawn, and u heal incredibly fast.

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