Xbox 360 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Achievements (XBLA)

Another addition to the SEGA Vintage Collection.

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djt233801d ago

some of the Achievements is easy to get but some are very hard to get(to me).

Lakuspakus3801d ago

And all the "newer generation" of Sonic games SUCKS!

God of Gaming3801d ago

11. Xbox Live Racer
Win 10 versus zones on Xbox Live.

That one is interesting..... so online co-op or vs confirmed?

Bloodmask3801d ago

was the best Sonic game of the 16 bit era. I only with Sega could rekindle some of their old magic.

Yuji Naka was the original designer of Sonic and I don't even think he is with Sega anymore.

Sexius Maximus3801d ago

But the greatest Sonic game EVER was Sonic CD. The 32 bit game on Sega CD. AWESOME!!!

jinn3801d ago

how many will actually play this?

SuperSaiyan43801d ago

ist it out now? how much?

Gonna get it but Sonic 3 was better and Sonic and Knucles was even better again!

God of Gaming3801d ago

Not out yet but this is a sign that it will be out soon. And it will be 400 points like all other retro games.

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