At least 266505 people played an FPS on a PC today

PCGamerUK's Editor Responds to Kudo's words about pc gaming.

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scruffy_bear2803d ago

Mouse and Keyboard support
Free online
Upgradeable hardware

UNCyrus2803d ago

Didn't realize Kudo was flexible enough to put his foot THAT far in his mouth

Oner2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Have you seen his "BAM! ~ There it is" on stage Kinect presentation failure? If his foot can do that then I am sure it can fit pretty far into his mouth... ;P

Aquarius2803d ago


now that is a cuss!!!

Lekumkee2803d ago

Wears sunglasses indoors - check
Wears braids - check
Wears track suits - check
Bullshit PR talk - check

Forget Kinect the biggest news is how Microsoft managed and find the perfect douchebag.

Sarcasm2803d ago

I'm seriously wondering why everyone at Microsoft is diskinected to reality.

siliticx2803d ago

@lekum .. just so you know, his sunglasses are because of an eye disease. Its not fun to laugh of diseases.

Although what the guys think and thats laughing matter

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tinybigman2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

it's just another day when someone at M$ says something completely stupid.

i may not enjoying gaming on a PC, but i can't deny that a lot of people still do. you'd have to be a complete moron to think otherwise, but it's M$ and they constantly say moronic things.

yes you are right its usually every day lol.

Catharsis2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

I thought that was EVERY day lol

darthv722803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

compare that to the number of people playing KZ2 or MAG or even Reach today.

I used to play more on my pc till crysis came out. I have not gotten a new video card sine the 7900. I need a new one to be somewhat up to par with new games coming out.

number472803d ago

Since gaming is mainly multiplatform, the PC versions run exceedingly well with older hardware. The requirements aren't as high as they used to be, and all in all you're just playing a version of an Unreal engine game...

bobcostus2803d ago

Not sure what you mean exactly. KZ2 was great at launch, but there are almost no servers left. I get on and there are maybe 10 servers up. Mag is pretty much dead as well. Reach definitely has a lot of players right now, but it did JUST come out.

Also, these numbers were ONLY from Steam and don't count retail copies or any other game that isn't sold on steam, AND they were taken at 5pm UK time which is before US peak play hours.

solar2803d ago

thats only Steam numbers. there are many, many more playing PC FPS's then just on Steam.

Chris_TC2803d ago

266,505 is just a snapshot in time. People log on and off. Spread out across a 24-hour day, the number is probably about 15 to 20 times as high.

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Raoh2803d ago

the ps3 got mods from the pc community for unreal tournament 3 and burnout paradise on the ps3 allowed for game saves to interact with the pc for map updates etc..

i think steam is going to really bring this to the consoles starting to with the ps3, i hope anyway..

outside of that kodu can go to hell, has he dont anything in his life that was successful and well recieved? fight night? .def jam icon? and now kinect

he needs to be fired but instead he is a perfect fit for microsofts pr tea;m

tdrules2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

-PS3 isn't getting Steam, VALVe games on PS3 are getting Steamworks, there's a difference. It also doesn't bring Modability to games it brings a framework to developers.
-UT3 Mod Scene is dead now, unlike mod scenes on PC ( Face it, you console only people can't mod for shit or keep a modding community alive.
-Burnout Paradise map thingie as in you putting your save on your PC and it telling you what you have to unlock? lul i did that for 101% on PS3 and that ain't even close to modding.

Whatever Gabe said was wrong, PS3 is not an open platform, it maybe for developers sure, but as long as it is closed to its userbase it is absolutely impossible for a game to be modded.
You know most mods are skins right? This involves having access to core files such as the texture files in the game's directory.

RedDead2803d ago

Depends on the game. Any shooter that only needs you to twitch kill is better on pc becausew obviously the Keyboard and mouse is well more accurate and easier to use.
Upgradeable hardware is a downturn Imo. you could buy 2 GPU's in the space of 5 years. With a console you just buy the next model that comes out.

Free online lol, definatly. But if your willing to pay for live then so be it.

Mods. I don;t even need to comment.

qface642803d ago

266,505 that actually doesn't sound like allot to me?

socomnick2803d ago

over a million played halo reach today, thats just one game now factor in the rest of the fps on consoles.

radphil2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

And then they'll move to CoD: Black Ops when it comes out...

You didn't read that it's Steam numbers only atm. That's NOT everyone fyi..

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Pandamobile2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

At the same time.

And this is only Steam games.

COD2 and COD4 are more popular than MW2 (at least according to Xfire).

scruffy_bear2803d ago

O yeah :) got love PC gaming

kalzet2803d ago

A quote from a Microsoft Lecturer.

djfullshred2803d ago

All video games are toys. What the hell are they if not that?

yewles12803d ago

Didn't know Jack Thompson trolled on N4G. XD

MGRogue20172803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

It means PC gaming is still alive more than ever! :)

I don't think the PC gamers ever stopped gaming in the first place anyway..

Prcko2803d ago

hmm how much people played fps on consoles then???
1 million,or even more?

blodulv2803d ago

Reach alone was over a million last night.

Spydr072803d ago

That and MW2 are probably the single most played games on consoles, tho. Compare that to, say, WoW, on computers and I bet it beats them both, combined. No gamers are more hardcore than WoW gamers. How do I know this? South Park told me so...

blodulv2803d ago

Can't say I disagree with you there.

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