ZoKnowsGaming: Halo: Reach Review - The End Of An Era And The Start Of Something New

ZoKnowsGaming writes "It's been a long and glorious road for the now battle hardened team over at Bungie Studios. Over the team's nine-year stint with the Halo franchise, the names of Master Chief, Cortana, and The Covenant became household names just like Wonderbread and Hot Pockets. Streaking in like a hot plasma shot from a Wraith Tank, the latest (and final) game by Bungie in the Halo series delivers the type of experience players have come to love from the beginning: compelling story, hauntingly beautiful melody, and a multiplayer system that redefines what they have already revolutionized. There should be no other way for a company to retire a franchise , than on such a high note as Halo: Reach"

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Traveler2886d ago

I really have been enjoying Halo Reach a lot. Bungie did an excellent job.