Movemodo review: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (PlayStation 3 / Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Jamie O'Neill:

"Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition takes the original 2009 release and greatly expands on its overall package. Whilst the majority of the game's chapters are a continuation rather than a reinvention of the action gameplay template set in Resident Evil 4, there are elements in the extra content, 'Lost in Nightmares' in particular, which act as fan service by harking back to the first Resident Evil. "

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rezzah2927d ago

Awesome. my bro switched his RE5 for a RE5GE at blockbuster lol.

dragon822927d ago

Thats not funny at all. That is stealing.

specialguest2927d ago

Theft is funny when it's not happening to me.

Pennywise2927d ago

Lucky your BB even had gold edition. My stupid store only had original. I dont want to buy it!

fight4love2927d ago

guess u gotta buy it online. should be cheap.

CobraKai2927d ago

I approve. Seriously, after buying the original game and all it's DLC they won't even include a Move patch unless you get the Gold Edition, which includes all the DLC you already bought. That's stealing.

jeeves862927d ago

Bubs for saying it like it is. Seriously...

I had to test out the Move controls for a review I was doing at Someone else ended up writing the review (fuuuuuuuuuck....!) The game installed, took a little while so I thought it was going to be a whole new game install, new trophy-set and everything, but everything is still the same, there's not even a new save file required!

And this game isn't cheap, either, in store it's still around $50.00 after taxes.

ThanatosDMC2927d ago

What i dont get is why reviewers keeps saying that they do headshots now like crazy... is it because im too good or they just suck using the DS3 when they played RE5 standard?

It's easy to do headshots on the DS3 or RE5 for that matter since when you hold up your gun you're all ready just a few inches away from the enemie's head.

Anyway, i like the gladiator game in Sports Championship... BUT DAMN i suck so bad using Move in MAG. I couldnt even get up to 40 kills but with the DS3 i get up to 60+ easy. I'll try to practice with it but if i get pwned by another easy kill... i'll just stick with my DS3 for MAG.

jeeves862927d ago

You have to take a lot of this stuff with a grain of salt. Especially when the name of the site is Movemodo. A couple of months ago, long before the release of the peripheral, a bunch of legit sites (IGN, Destructoid, GR, etc) reviewed this game as well. They said the controls were very, very awkward and some of the control schemes didn't make sense. Overall, they concluded that a lot of it didn't work.

So why all the fan-service now? Is it because now joe-shmoe gamer is playing it? Or is it because they're doing a whole lot of ass-kissing?

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