Cammie Dunaway Leaves Nintendo

After nearly three years as Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, Cammie Dunaway announced she is moving on. Dunaway accepted a new position outside of the video games industry and will leave on October 1.

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Abash2856d ago

Does her leaving really change anything?

sunnygrg2856d ago

It actually does change something.

ANOTHER rich person will get richer.

-Alpha2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Well, Nintendo's image just got more hardcorez!

All I remember of this woman is that awful E3.

In Reggie's words, "Yeah! I like that!"

darkcharizard2856d ago

Thank god she's gone!!!! We wont have to listen to her garbage interviews anymore!

The fiend!!!!!

Parapraxis2856d ago

Now where am I gonna get my smiles!? :(

sikbeta2856d ago


Man, you have to see her in those E3 conferences, you don't know if laugh at her or punch her in the face....

Sarcasm2856d ago

Good news for Nintendo!

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NLGSean2856d ago

Thank the gaming gods that Nintendo turned it around this year at E3... Less smiles and more ass kicking.

Carl14122856d ago

I hated this woman for her E3 presenting. She always seemed so patronising, like she was talking to a bunch of 2 year olds about how well they did in a test

NLGSean2856d ago

I hear Reggie is going to give her a firm handshake and a swift kick in her ass right out the door October 1st...

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MultiConsoleGamer2856d ago

I'm sad to see her go. She was a really nice person.

BubbleSystemSuck2856d ago

she bought a playstation Move

LordMarius2856d ago

best comment here, lol

everything she knew was a lie XD

badz1492856d ago

Ninty just got OWNED! best comment ever! +bubbles for making me laughing to tears! :D

8-bit2856d ago

I love your avatar Multi! Isn't that the game that Bart Simpson stole from the store?

Sarcasm2856d ago

To be fair, she has a Vagina. Like Aaron Greenburg!

sunnygrg2856d ago


I can show you another picture of hers

Chris3992856d ago

But this was my favorite thus far. Bubbles.

Shoko2856d ago

She was a nice person.....

...but not necessarily a person the hardcore Nintendo fans wanted repping Nintendo.

So to this, I say Captain Falcon: "YESZ!"

Lord Gunchrote2856d ago

lol i love when cf says that in smash bros lol its almost like hes saying it with a j lol

SpoonyRedMage2856d ago

Bit of a surprise.

I had no real issue with her tbh, she seemed pretty damn good at her job(outside E3).

Bet Sales and Marketing for Nintendo is a lucrative job as well!

ChickeyCantor2856d ago

People are just horrible ahahaha.
Her second E3 wasn't even that bad.
She knew her marketing...I wonder though EUROPE doesn't even have a IWATA or REGGIE....

N4g_null2856d ago

Europe is a basket case. Maybe she should have went there. It's no wonder PS3 fans are mostly from over there.

Orionsangel2856d ago

Stop defending her! She sucked! She had no business being in the gaming industry!

ChickeyCantor2856d ago

Sorry but Reggie is equally worse.
Here is the thing, non of the American PR is an actual "avid" gamer and just talks BS to make you smile.

Yet we still love them right?

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