Top 15 iPhone Games

You may think about Apple like a nest of busy bees swarming around, working all day long, never sleeping ( that’s a myth by the way ). Of course, all that work seems to be paying off as they are first in the smartphone industry. We say this because we see it, they are releasing iOS 4.2 for their products, making new iPhones

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AlexMyDG2891d ago

Hope you like it guys, we tried to gather the best out there. Oh and...

How about your own view? Which games should of been included in this top 15 ?

JhawkFootball062891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

You missed the most popular game on the Iphone.
Doodle Jump

Brewski0072891d ago

Must try out zenonia, if its a zelda clone or something similar then I really gotta check it out ! ! :) . Good list ,always great to get fresh Ideas.

ReservoirDog3162891d ago

I'll look into a few of these.

My personal favorite game on it so far though is easily Soosiz. A 2d platformer with perfect controls and rivals some of the best platformers on other systems. There's a lite version. Everyone should try it.

GiantJedi2891d ago

My favorites on Iphone that you haven't mentioned

Robot Unicorn
Transformers G1 Awakening
Hero of Sparta

And some of the old games that they port/remake for it are pretty good like tetris, sonic, golden axe, streets of rage, wolfenstein, pacman, megaman 2 , commodore 64, etc.

AlexMyDG2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

thank you frosty. You can thank the writer, Mark, by leaving a comment on the website. The article it's not made by me .

SerbanSilviu2891d ago

Good job, a great source.

Capdastaro2891d ago

I love Android and my Samsung Galaxy S... But the games on the iPhone shit all over the ones on the Android App store.

I would die for Monkey Island to be on Android!

hoops2891d ago

Well Ginger Bread is suppose to bring true 3D gaming to the Android phones. Hopefully this wil happen. Winmo 7 and IOS needs competition

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The story is too old to be commented.