Firmware 3.50 Update Fully Detailed, List of New Features and Changes

Set to release tomorrow, Sony will unleash the latest PS3 firmware, 3.50, and the main headlined feature will be the support for 3D movies. Aside from that, though, a number of additional features and changes have been revealed and this update seems like it'll be a worthwhile update.


The update is now Live to download.

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tynam2927d ago

Awesome update, using Move as internet browser cursor is pretty obvious, but still great and the other little things are welcome additions

sunnygrg2927d ago

-3D BluRay Support
-Move can be used as web browser cursor.
-Users reports can be sent from PS3 through the 'Friends' tab.
-3D notice screen for 3D enabled games.
-You can access to your Facebook profile
-Better description of the 14 most common errors.
-PSN+ Store updated.
-New Qriocity icon in the Music section. Service still unavailable.

Sarcasm2927d ago

Facebook! Now people can see how much of a bigger geek I really am.

despair2927d ago

there is no PSN+, its PS+ I know its something small to quibble about but still if the Journalist(not you) cannot get a simple name right then he isn't much of a Journalist.

-Alpha2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"-You can access to your Facebook profile
-Better description of the 14 most common errors.
-Updated user interface for PlayStation Plus in PlayStation Store"

I like this. I wonder what they mean by "Access Facebook profile"

Does this actually mean your whole Facebook profile?

A better description of error codes is also great news, and I like to hear that Sony is updating the interface for Plus users. Makes upgrading feel that much better while making upgrading actually feel like you are getting access to a new feature. I'm hoping they give us that shortened in-game XMB soon, and if we are seeing interface updates exclusively for PS+ members then I assume future interface updates will also be for exclusive members.

Though this may upset some people I think it's good that there are PS+ exclusive updates as it makes upgrading better all while giving a little extra for paying customers

Nitrowolf22927d ago

wait are they actually adding a list of error to the ps3?
i like that a lot, hopefully it is hidden in the setting or even the Network tab under neath Instruction Manual

good to knowabout the upgrade in pljus interface. Now it might actually look like a new service

8-bit2927d ago

I am glad they are adding Move support to the Browser. I tried it the other day and I was disappointed that it didn't work so now I will have no complaints

2927d ago
8-bit2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

@DK286K "I wonder because if the PS3 firmware can be upgraded for 3D, why cant ANY blu-ray player's firmware be upgraded?"

Well I just file this under "It only does everything" Other bluray players can't say that ;)

Actually I would like to know the answer to that question as well.

-Alpha2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Does anyone know the full extent of FB support? Is it going to be like XBL FB support or what?

DasBunker2927d ago

I wish they'd improve the web browser :(.. a little bit more efficacy would be nice, updates come and go and nothing.

jack_burt0n2927d ago


Are u serious? I will answer as if you were, The PS3 is a very sophisticated machine it does an enormous ammount of bluray decoding in software and uses many of the cell specific devloped multimedia tools for decoding HD audio and video and now 3d functionality.

ALOT of work has gone into this upgrade.

Bathyj2927d ago

Does anyone know much about the error reports?

I seem to get alot of demos that wont install. They always quit on 14%. I thought maybe my HDD had packed it in but I got a new one and its the same. Its really annoying. Its about the only thing my PS3 does that its not supposed to do.

Any ideas anyone?

Axecution2927d ago

What really bugs me is that people ignore that they have been listening to the SHARE thing on the Playstation Blog.
Error reporting, Move as a cursor, reporting messages, and a facebook app are ALL on blog.share, and very popular topics.

NecrumSlavery2927d ago

The trophies load really fast now, which is great.

theoneb2927d ago

What kind of interntet connection are you using? I had the same problem when I was on a shared Cell phone conection. Try hard wiring your network

Traveler2927d ago

Some nice improvements and new features there. I appreciate these firmware updates.

inveni02927d ago

I tried using Move as a cursor in the browser this morning, but I couldn't get it to work at all (except for in the [TRIANGLE]>Menu Area. I couldn't control the point any way. Is there a certain step to take?

CimmerianDrake2926d ago

And now can't log into PSN. Got the PSN Maintenance error code. Does anyone know if PSN is undergoing maintenance today?

inveni02926d ago

Yes. That's why we got the update early.

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Insomnia_842927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

After the last update, I can't listen to music and use the web broser any more, I can't search for music while listening to music either. I hope they fix that with this update.

Aquarius2927d ago

try going to music settings and change them

one of them fixes it

Aquarius2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

WTF disagreed?

He is correct!
Insomnia_84 I just tested it, the output frequency needs to be changed from 44.1/88.2/176.4 khz

jerethdagryphon2926d ago

getting errorsc all over now cant gointo store can log in after fighting it acount managments fails wth

FACTUAL evidence2927d ago

Move/3D?? You're catering to the 3% of people who are going to use those features. I'm not going to state the obvious feature people have been asking for, for four years.....but I would at least appreciate if we got voice messaging by now. Either that or completely revamped PSN ID's would get me to SDFU. Not saying this is a bad update but you couldn't put this with the other update like 2 weeks ago?...

Corepred42927d ago

you gotta think though that even though its catering to a very small market right now, it will grow. AND even though its not big yet it can go into the advertising too, not everyone can necessarily do it yet but that won't stop them from saying that its a 3d bluray player!

YoungKingDoran2927d ago

well genius, dont you think having more of a reason to buy a 3d tv may change that 3% to a 50%?

MrAwesome2927d ago

User reports? What if I get banned and losey profile? Nooooooo

Great update though


It's simple. Don't be douchebag. People can REPORT you, they aren't voting to ban you, this mean someone is going to check on reports, not just ban your PSN ID out of number of complains alone. And, as a matter of fact, we don't even know what the extent of punishment is, maybe you just going to be blocked to people that reported you or auto blocked to everyone not in your friend list for some time... This don't mean you are losing your PSN ID at all.

I love this, spammer can go on and f*** themselves. I hope it works for reporting cheaters/lag switchers as well, they are plaguing SOCOM.

Pedobear Rocks2927d ago

Sony (and MS) have the tech in place to monitor your voice chats....

MrAwesome2926d ago

I never spam or cuss but i know ppl who are trolls and report for the sligtest thing like using a cheap weapon or beating them( it's happened to me in runescape)

gtamike2927d ago

ingame music for all games?

GodsHand2927d ago

Can you upgrade other blu-ray players yes, and no. Some of the players earlier players out there don't even support BD-Live, even with a firmware update, but others do with a firmware update. So it really depends on your manufacture if they are able to release an FW update for your player.

Thats what happens when you rush products to production, and don't have a universal standard for hardware.

fuckitimout2927d ago

can we get thel custom soundtrack standard next time? Please sony? I know you're genius enough to do it. Damn, I'm addicted to n4g

ThanatosDMC2927d ago

Sport Championship does upload screen shots to Facebook now. You can hold your sword and pose and what not and upload it.

xAlmostPro2927d ago

this is actually better than i thought it would be :) facebook profile, user reports xD

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Joni-Ice2927d ago

Getting the Move and Navigator today.

Nitrowolf22927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

i don't think i have ever been this "Intereted" in a FW before
i can finally play my 3D movies

GiggMan2927d ago

I can't wait either. I was sitting back waiting on the PS3 update while a friend of mine went out and bought a 3D blu-ray player because he didn't know the update was coming. It pays (and saves) to read gaming blogs. :)

Hazmat132927d ago

... why did you do that to your PSMove controller?? lol


It's just a translucent vynil rubber ball, the light source is inside it, I believe this little drawn over the ball don't affect move working, probably even if drawn all above it, as far as light can still pass through, it should still work.

Also, if it's just pencil or non permanent common ink pen, it can easily be cleaned. It can even be photoshop.

All I know is that little smile on the orb is just an awesome avatar! I'll make an angry Kratos on mine! LOL

XxDeathDoctorxX2927d ago

so u can only report friends than or what

Nitrowolf22927d ago

prob not only them
it is located on the friend tab, so i am assuming it will either be a new icon where you can put in ID of someone, or u just push triangle on a friend (or recently met) and report them that way

Theonik2927d ago

Reporting option on recently met would make the most sense as it would mean you actually met the people you're reporting online.

Jrome2927d ago

USER reports can be sent through the 'FRIENDS' TAB.

Ares84PS32927d ago

I got 3D movies sitting on the shelves because I wasn't able to watch them.