Consoles key to driving digital content into homes

The firm expects that 184 million household devices will provide digital content in homes by 2012, with games machines accounting for 85 per cent of delivery.

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Shadow Flare4134d ago

really putting alot of dvd players in peoples homes

sorry, FAULTY dvd players

had to be said really. I'll be enjoying my bluray player thank you sir

Bloodmask4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

XBOX live is always adding new content. New demos and even movies. I think digital distribution is coming a lot faster than most people realize.

Just look at how the music industry is now with the IPOD and all the various MP3 players. I never thought I would see that day. I can't remember the last time I bought a CD.

The movie indusry has already made millions on XBOX Live. It saves them money in the long run bc there are no packaging costs and/or media costs.

It is also a benefit for consumers bc they have the conveniance of not leaving their home. I think it is already going into effect with all of the huge HDDs that are coming out and decreasing in price.

I think HDDVD and Bluray will play a part in this but whoever wins the format war the lifespan of either won't be as long as standard DVD-9.

Rageanitus4134d ago

still buy cd audio, lots of stores still exist.

I was part one of the first users of napster on the market (when they had about 1.5 gigs on the community)

Lets just say its been about 8 years and stores are still going strong in selling physical media.