Relive Real-Life Mob Crimes in 'Mafia II' writes: "2K Games' recently released period organized-crime title 'Mafia II' is a fairly accurate depiction of gangster life in the '40s and '50s. It features collectible (and NSFW) Playboy magazine covers, racial tension among the inhabitants of its NYC-inspired Empire City, and plenty of Italian wiseguys shooting, looting and screwing -- much to the chagrin of protesters -- all while looking dapper in three-piece suits.

Of course, the in-game missions, which protagonist Vito Scaletta takes on in his quest to become a made man, are based on true criminal capers. We looked into the Italian mafia's history to bring you the facts behind the player's virtual actions."

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ThePimpOfSound2806d ago

I can't wait to use the term "buttlegging" in every day speech.