Quantic Dream working on another "interactive drama"

Quantic Dream, the studio that brought Heavy Rain, is looking for a game designer, and the job's description offers an interesting view of the task facing the new employee.

" Within a team for Game Designers, you will participate in the writing of a game in Interactive Drama format, where emotion is centrally mediated by a rich history that evolves according to the choices and actions of the player. "

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dangert122856d ago

This xbox or multiplat
i think they fond what the believe is there speciality


Excited to know more about it.

LeeRoyJenkins2856d ago

Hopefully they just dont make moar games.. Heavy Rain was pretty dissapointing.

gta_manic2856d ago

I would have thought your trolling would have been better

jay22856d ago

As long as we don't lose Disc space ok they can go multi disc on the 360, then this will be great.

albel_nox2856d ago

Can't wait to see what this great developer does next. I liked Indigo Prophecy a lot and Heavy Rain was even better so it really is exciting to see if they can top that.

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