Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring Will Make Video Game History When It Releases This Fall

DS writes, "When we were originally invited to check out an upcoming title from Slang in a Manhattan loft last week, I must admit that I was more than just a bit hesitant. Having not played any wrestling video game for quite some time I thought to myself “come on, really, luchadors?” ...that’s when I realized, ok – this is really happening. Needless to say that although I had my initial reservations the evening turned out to actually be an eye opening experience. Especially when I found out that the game we were there to cover, Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring meant so much more; because when It’s released this year it will be a milestone in gaming history as the first title 100% produced in Latin America. And everyone we spoke to, including the luchadors themselves were very proud of that fact. Check out the coverage, and interviews (one of which is with Luchadors in Spanish with subtitles) in the clip below!"

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Hitman07692922d ago

I didn't realize this game was so in-depth, I like how we get to hear about the game design documents in this video.

thevokillist2922d ago

it does look pretty in-depth. Was awesome that you got to interview the two Luchadores.