Loot Ninja Review: PlayStation Move

Loot Ninja says:

"The motion gaming revolution is finally here. At least that’s what Sony wants you to believe. It was a few short years ago that motion peripherals were nothing but scattered add-ons rarely used by the general gaming population. With the advent and mass market success of the Wii, that all changed. Sony and Microsoft have been hard at work readying their answers to Nintendo’s phenomenon and Sony was able to strike first with the PlayStation Move. Advancing on their scarcely used Sixaxis controls and PlayStation Eye camera, the Move brings a level of precision and control never before seen in motion controlled gaming. Is it worth your hard earned investment? You’ll have to keep reading to find out."

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''The motion gaming revolution is finally here''

Nuff said.

Orange2855d ago

It's good. I had some trouble with the Gladiator game when I moved closer to the camera, but frisbee golf and archery are fantastic.

I didn't notice that moving toward or away from the camera affected my position in table tennis so much, but I'm not very used to the subtleties of table tennis IRL.

This is my 3rd time to write this, but I think it deserves a little love: Hustle King's works well with Move. Figuring out how to increase your power in your shot can be frustrating, but once you figure out that you need to aim the move slightly down like a real cue, it works well. Worth a look if you like billiards.