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WhenSpamAttacks writes: "Why is NHL 11 so great? For one, the game looks amazing. It still baffles me how developers can continue to squeeze out better graphics, sound, gameplay, modes, etc. in less than a year. Gone are the days where early sports titles are simple roster updates. From the moment you ‘Press Start’, the game just oozes quality. It speaks volumes when a game can draw you in without having even played it yet. But play we have."

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ShadowPraxis2621d ago

Hockey's not really my thing, but one of my staff is freakin' obsessed with it.

Wish he'd hurry up and finish his review...

SynGamer2621d ago

Great game. I suck online but the 'Be A Pro' mode is awesome.

mugoldeneagle032621d ago

I've got 200+ games down already, and not one of them w/ an actual NHL team. Ultimate Team is by far the best addition

AwesomeJizz2621d ago


SynGamer2621d ago

Boo, Colorado Avalanche! :D

Slinkey2621d ago

go Canucks!


solar2621d ago

Go Wings!! ooooooooooh yeah!!!

SynGamer2621d ago

My rival, I support this. The 2000's were saw some great series.

solar2621d ago

oh yeah mate. golden recent years of hockey.

SynGamer2621d ago

I remember each fight Roy was in during those years. I believe he's the only goalie to fight three different goalies from the same league :D

solar2621d ago

i hear his kid is a punk. fought some kid who didnt in a hockey league up in canada that didnt want to fight. Roy was the coach. like father like son :P

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