PushSquare: Five DLC Characters We'd Love To See Added To Sports Champions

PushSquare: "Our biggest complaint with the excellent Sports Champions is that on a presentation level it’s pretty flat. Let’s be honest here, who is going to remember what Kenji and Giselle look like? Zindagi might have done an excellent job programming personality into the AI opponents, but their art team weren’t on form designing the characters. That’s fine, because Sports Champions is an enjoyable game regardless. But we figure the introduction of some PlayStation heroes could make the Move-controlled sports title all the more inviting.

Here’s five characters we’d love to see added to Sports Champions as post-release DLC."

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redDevil872921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Kratos would be funny. I wouldn't beat him though, the guy would shove the paddle down my throat if i did 0_0