TLR: Halo Reach Review

KJ of TLR Writes "If a wanted to be a moron, I could nitpick and find silly little stuff in the game. In the end it's just not worth the trouble. Halo Reach is the Best Halo game of all time, The best First person Shooter of all time, and the best bang for your hard-earned buck."

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KillerBBs2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

DRUGS if your going to lump Halo Reaching for you wallet as the best first person shooter. Your on Bungie Pay Roll, Right?

I'm like everyone I talk to............ DISAPOINTED.

This title could of been so much better. Hey lets take out all the cool stuff, duel weapons, warthogs and vehicals, put in a super limited multi player lobby, make everyone vote for game types reguardless of what you might want to play... and if you quit, you're going to dink your Rating (BFD) then make it more like a COD game and call it the best ever!

YeAH... look at me, I'm riding a MONGOOSE. WEEEEEE..... They leave in the lamest vehical of all time!!!!!!!