Why I’m skeptical of Kinect

Gamasutra: Motion controllers are the future, we are told, and none seem more advanced than Microsoft’s Kinect system. The launch lineup, as revealed at this year’s E3 conference, has a definite casual look to it (which is a nice way of saying it looks easy and shallow), but MS has been quick to assure us that in time the ‘core gamers’ will embrace it.

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darthv722861d ago

Just like with move and even the wii when it first came out. Skeptical is an honest way to view it. I am also optimistic in that it will evolve to where it really proves itself.

Just like anything new and different. It just takes time and getting used to. Come back in a years time and see if there isnt anything to entertain everyone. It has to first cut its teeth on the real market in order to get better.

NLGSean2861d ago

And here is why... Microsoft blew its load 2 years ago. It showed this video where you can do this and do that... yet I have not seen anything that I could not do with the PS3 Eye. I will buy it, because I always buy launch hardware. But so far I am not impressed with 90% of the games. The whole non-controller thing really bothers me too... You are asking gamers like myself who grew up with a controller in their hand for the past 30 years to now throw it away. It is like trying to pee with no hands without accidentally hitting the floor a few times... It's gonna take some time.

Bottom line, Nintendo will still lead the way as far as motion gaming. It is fact. Look at Wii software... Wii Sports Resort... 17 million games sold world wide... You are kidding yourself if you think Sony or Microsoft will catch Nintendo this generation. It is all about the $$$ people...

Sony has a lot of good stuff with Move... The release titles are not that great but at least Sony has some great stuff down the pipe in Killzone 3, LBP 2, Heavy Rain Move, etc... I personally love it. But it NEEDS to sell more... Otherwise companies will abandon it or push a bunch of trash shovel-ware on it like they do with the Wii...

Nintendo will once again release something in the next 2-3 years that everybody will copy off of... its a dog eat dog world in gaming...

Trebius2861d ago

I love how you have a well-written opinion on the Kinect and how much it bothers you, but you added that you're gonna buy it anyway.

Doesnt make sense.

Why support something you KNOW you're not going to enjoy? You have such a firm opinion on it yet you decide to buy it anyway just cause it's new hardware.

That kind of mentality is what M$ will thrive on. It's like me saying I dont like midget porn, but i'm gonna buy a copy of Midget Gangbang. (Hence supporting the midget porn industry)

NLGSean2861d ago

@ Trebius

I am editor in chief for a gaming website (Gaming Console Network). That's why I will purchase it. I always receive review game copies for various systems so I have to pretty much have every piece of hardware. Example: I have 2-3 games for Move to review... So I had to go and get it.

I also have kids/girlfriend and they are actually looking forward to it.

n4gno2861d ago

"and none seem more advanced than Microsoft’s Kinect system."

wow, nice joke.

avengers19782861d ago

NO games, no core game support, nothing interesting about it at all, overpriced, most demo videos show problems, Never gonna have shooters, No buttons, and let's see Can't do voice command like they said, nothing like Milo exsist for it like they said, it can't read finger movement like they said, and it does not support four players like they said.
So unless you like the lies you've heard about there is only doubt.

JJFNIGHTS802861d ago

Case Closed Detective Conan.

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units2861d ago

well will know in a few months time if kinect is the real deal

Stealth20k2861d ago

Its not the real deal.

It doesnt read finger movements only broad motions, and it lags like crazy

8-bit2861d ago

Yeah, it can't detect wrist movements too. The Bowling game you have to move your arm across your chest to put a spin on the ball instead of spinning your wrist like you normally would when you bowl.

lowcarb2861d ago

I don't know what it can read but after hearing the games announced for it at TGS the promise of something good just got 10 times better. In a way Kinect is PS3 all over again with lots of skepticism.

DasBunker2861d ago

the promise of something good was at -10 before TGS... so at least we're back at 0 now..

Why o why2861d ago

sony had pedigree. the media would have us believe the ps3 was shIte but those who purchased one knew it was BS... What is the pedigree behind Kinect. Its laggy and inaccurate. Doesnt mean to say it cant be fun but please lets be real hear... Hearing about x y or z game doesnt prove a thing. Kinect will prove itself or doom itself...Nothing we say or do will change that. At the moment its looking bleak though but ultimately time will tell

lowcarb2861d ago

How did PS3 have pedigree when it wasn't even released? I'm talking about before it was released. You said "Hearing about x y or z game doesnt prove a thing." which was exactly what PS3 went through. It had to prove itself.

"Kinect will prove itself or doom itself...Nothing we say or do will change that. At the moment its looking bleak though but ultimately time will tell"

Exactly and this goes to all PS3 fanboy haters I hope'!

"the media would have us believe the ps3"

Sounds like the same thing PS3 fanboy media would have you think about anything to do with 360.

DigitalRaptor2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

He said 'Sony' had a pedigree. Do you really think that Sony wasn't able to or gonna deliver the same awesome game experiences that they proved to gamers back with the PS1 & PS2?

The PS3 had to prove itself because of all the negativity that the media pushed on it, and of course its price. PSN was bare bones at the time and now it's fleshed out, up to speed and great. And the games have most definitely proven the worth of the system.

But Kinect has no prior pedigree. Microsoft bought the 3DV tech for Kinect. They had the Vision cam, but that was nothing like what Kinect is used for. So Microsoft have to prove themselves with Kinect and like he said, it remains to be seen.

Why o why2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

i purposefully put sony because of their past achievements in gaming.......How can a new product have pedigree.. lowcarbs on a crusade and he somehow equates the negativity towards Kinect as the misplaced media bias against the ps3... the irony is he has been one of the champions of sony hate for as long as i can remember.

'Exactly and this goes to all PS3 fanboy haters I hope'!

.....dont you mean Kinect haters and i was also speaking to Kinect yourself because it seems that no matter how many glitchy videos and tech demo...(yes glitchy tech demos) you see you still have hope bordering on blind faith.. No problem with that but it makes you one of the biggest hypocrites here mr carb. ....i mean...have you seen one actual game to justify your 10 times better comment... i mean when it was 10 times worse you were still full of faith.

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number472861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"buh wawit till e treee!"
"buh wait till Gamescon!!!!"

At this point,Kinect is garbage. It has nothing but hype to sell it. Hype and absolutely no titles to show why its different than your garden variety web cam game, or eyetoy title.

It wont cater to hardcore users.
Microsoft hasn't invested any money in "ground up" kinect experiences. Its dead.

The only question is, how many people are going to buy a empty box that doesn't work and requires a MS rep to make sure you're gesturing right in perfect light conditions? I guess 3+million after spending more on advertising than actual research into Kinect titles.

It literally does nothing. But americans did vote for bush..


B-Real2062861d ago

But americans did vote for bush..

twice. haha touche

Apocalypse Shadow2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

fans of kinect,prove to us that it is amazing and changes the way we will play games.

not going to talk about eyetoy/pseye gesture games and tracking,not going to talk about the lack of demos to show that what microsoft presented in 2009 with natal, will be possible with kinect after a year of nothing.

we are not talking about the holodec from star trek,we are talking about gaming today.TODAY.

sure they can use sounds of "boing"..."pow& amp; quot;...."ding",etc to show that you are getting a reaction from a hit or something.but with a lack of rumble feedback,something you guys bashed sixaxis for because of sony's lawsuit,something we have had for over a decade...

**is a lack of FEELING a good thing?**

also,there is talk about what it can do and what it will do.for all of microsoft's talk,they LACK the in-house developers to lead the charge in showing us what it CAN do.they CLOSED most of them.not saying they can't,but..

**is third party gaming good enough for you?wouldn't it be good to see microsoft using those billions on MAKING games and not spending it on MARKETING?**

and third,microsoft is pushing a new camera.but what they are saying is that the headset you are using,the Vision Cam we sold you,is not good enough for what we want to do.we want you to abandon it to buy this new device.voice control could have always been done using your headset.which everyone has.and gesture control,vision cam can do that too.

microsoft is telling you that you wasted your money.sort of like hd-dvd.sure we pushed it,but now,we are telling you it's not good.go download movies because the future is's the same thing again.sorry,you wasted your money again,kinect is what we really want you to get.and don't even get me started on the multiple versions of 360 and its chipsets to become more reliable.they basically told you gain,sorry,not this one.get **THIS** one.sort of like peter m.he tells you to get his latest game.then he bashes it after release.then tells you this is the one to get....huh?

i could easily come up with ideas for what kinect could do.but this is microsoft we are talking about.they bash then in sony's case of hdmi,1080p,etc.they mislead by showing one thing,then produce something inferior.and they market and hype products that aren't what they said they were.

TELL US......tell us why we should be delighted in this new direction microsoft is going into.and how we are supposed to be impressed.

-Alpha2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

First of all: boy this article is late. Kinect's skepticism has been known for a long time now.


"fans of kinect,prove to us that it is amazing and changes the way we will play games"

Most Kinect buyers who are fans may very well be casual users. You can't exactly demand a response from them as they view gaming differently. I have no problem if Kinect sells to these kinds of casual audiences. If they want Kinect, then I have no right to stop them. Nor do I think they nerd-rage on the internet over the console wars like we do. Remember, some of the audiences still think Kinect is a brand new, never-before-done technology in gaming.

However, when it comes to Xbox fans who defend Kinect most don't ever give a personal reason why anymore. They will appeal to what Kinect does from either the casual or MS's perspective. Usually the general defense is that MS has a hardcore audience and now they just want to branch out. Again, this is fine. I no longer find Kinect and Move comparisons plausible as they both do something entirely different.

But I do not know any 360 enthusiast who is personally excited for Kinect out of his/her own interest. Maybe for their family, but even then, I don't know too many Family Xbox gamers.

I still think Kinect has a good shot at selling well, but if so then it's going to be for a totally casual audience. And if it does sell well I expect xbox fanboys to rejoice over the sales, but ultimately, the actual use of the device is not something I expect hardcore gamers to get excited for.

Now, MS did show at TGS that they are trying. Though "no buttons" is still a bold move, I am going to wait and see what happens with these promised "hardcore" Kinect games. I really do think MS can and will support the idea of releasing a remote-like peripheral to use with Kinect. There is only so much I can imagine no-button motion controls doing for the core gamers.

Hellsvacancy2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Kinect will b a fad, itll sell loads for the 1st few months then slowly decrease in sales after that

Puttin in simply (no need 4 an essay from me) PEOPLE KNOW IT DOESNT WORK, a 5 year old wont notice and thats the market MS is going for, children, you dont think Milo is aimed at a 25 year olds do you

(oh and i didnt disagree with u)

darthv722861d ago

Wii would like to play.

-Alpha2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"Kinect will b a fad" well they said that about the Wii too. Honestly, I'm not going to make any comments on the sales of Kinect. It's anybody's guess what MS will do with it and how the people will react to it. I really question MS's 3 million by the end of the year goal though.

Shadow Flare2861d ago

wii had the capability to do well because unlike kinetc, its not limited. Move and wii have buttons. Kinetc does not. That limits kinetc SO much. And that is why it will not suceed. Because it wont have the games. It will be the next eyetoy.

The problems arent just with the lack of buttons. Its the tech itself. It doesn't work like it was originally meant to, and as we've seen in many videos, it often doesnt work properly.

Now this is up for the debate but this is where the real difference between move and kinetc come in. Move has got a very positive reception. Therefore, it has a loyal fanbase, and word of mouth will help Move sell more. It will get its killer apps, theres nothing holding it back. The only way for move to go is upwards to better things. Kinetc however, may sell alot at first due to MS's marketing, but if word of mouth says that kinetc is poor, works poorly, and is rubbish, then it will bomb. And its going to have a really, REALLY tough time putting out killer games for it, because it is so limited with no buttons

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btk2861d ago

We keep on hearing about "new" ways of gaming with Kinect, but all we see is copies of EyeToy games.

We keep on hearing it actually costs less than Wii or Move, but all we see is $150 + XB360 for two active players.

We keep on hearing how great the control scheme works, but all we see is the Epic Flailing videos.

btk2861d ago

pew pew pew
flail flail flail
lol lol lol

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