Resident Evil and No More Heroes creators team up for new horror game

In what was teased last week as an announcement for an announcement, we finally have the first solid details and media for the EA funded, Shinji Mikami and Gouichi Suda developed horror game now entitled “Shadows of the DAMNED.” It seems the game will follow demon hunter Garcia Hotspur as he sets out to the City of the Damned to rescue his girlfriend from some, yep, you guessed it, demons. It seems Garcia will be accompanied by a demon companion who can transform into a number of different weapons, making some sort of weapon upgrade system a likely possibility.

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gtamike2927d ago

I wish "Shinji Mikami" made Resident Evil 5 maybe it would of been alot better.

The_Devil_Hunter2927d ago

I think everyone wanted Shinji Mikami to work RE5. But I guess Capcom thought otherwise. I hope they make something new and fresh in the Horror genre, although I never get tired of zombies it would be nice to see them make something new. Good luck for them both.

Spydr072927d ago

Resident Heroes?
Evil Heroes?
No More Evil?

Ares84PS32927d ago

You beat me to it.

No More Evil Resident Heroes.

versusALL2927d ago

It would be badass if Nomura & Kojima team up to make a game. I don't care what kind of game it is, I would play it.

Kingdom Come2927d ago

Hopefully the outcome will be a much more open, Killer 7 like title...

akiraburn2927d ago

Holy crap, that was awesome! I am nearly sold on this just due to the guys involved, but the trailer was quite epic. Suda, Mikami, and Yamoaka all working together? I mean, we heard rumors of their project up till now, and that's a dream team if I ever heard one, but the game really looks to be top-notch awesomeness. Heck, all you need to do is toss Kojima in and it'd be instant gamergasm from the sheer mention of the project. And no, I don't know what a gamergasm is, but they would be happening all across the internet regardless, haha.

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