PETA's new game encourages kids to hurt clowns instead of animals

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in case you didn't know) has done some crazy - and awesome - things in the past to promote their ideals. Seriously, what other group uses hot naked girls as a form of protest? Let's face it, that form of protest isn't exactly kid friendly, so they've designed a new Flash game in order to get the kiddos on their side.

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darklordzor2798d ago

I'm all for protecting animals, but PETA just isn't getting their message across in the right way. Using violence to promote anti-violence is just stupid. Come on, these are kids...why give them something like this?

jakethesnake2798d ago

Well, PETA cares more about animals than humans, so it does fit their philosophy.

ObsidianSpire2798d ago

Agreed with darklordzor. Stick with hot naked chicks.

domo3252798d ago

I agree with darklordzor as well. Their tactics are simply becoming offensive instead of effective.

mokmoof2798d ago

Come on, you guys! Hypocrisy and misinformation are acceptable when you're RIGHT.

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