PlayStation Move Better Than Nintendo Wii Say Users

Product-Reviews: A couple of days ago Gary Johnson created a poll asking our users if they would sell their Nintendo Wii for the new PlayStation Move for the PS3, and although the comments were mixed – the poll results were not.

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goosepoose2920d ago

wow so the shovelware buyers arent so dumb afterall

SillySundae2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They became smarter after their experience with Wii (and with Move)??

Experience is a good teacher.

Anyone else agree?

SillySundae2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

... then the problem lies somewhere else don't you think?

BloodyNapkin2920d ago

Its called advancement, which is 4 years later than when the wii came out. It better be better...<------WTF. But if you look at kinect its 5 years later and it is still garbage.

Windex2919d ago

it is known fact. that is why wii fanboy like Double Toasted is so butt hurt

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Double Toasted2920d ago ShowReplies(10)
Prcko2920d ago

Well i own wii(not me,my sis)and ps3!
I have move and i can clearly say this:

BYE2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Aren't elephants scared of mice? ;)


alphakennybody2920d ago

it has been proven that elephantes aren't afraid of mice,they're just afraid of stepping on them.

Hideo_Kojima2920d ago


clumsy bigfoots

dead_eye2920d ago

mythbusters says elephants are scared of mice so i'll go with them.

despair2920d ago


I hope that was sarcasm, because mythbusters use such scientific methods...

dead_eye2920d ago

@ despair

nope they use enough science for me.

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Xephon082920d ago

actually Elephants try to avoid stepping on stuff, back during the Carthage vs Rome days Romans figured out that if they make a clear path for the elephants they would take that rather then running over Roman soldiers, thus making the elephants have no impact.

if they wanted to prove that elephants are afraid of mice vs using an alternate route they need to do more like use different living rodents, such as chipmunks and guinea pigs and also making it so that the elephant only has one path to move in and not an open area to side step.

still tho its a pretty nice counterpoint :D

OSU_Gamer2920d ago

I would honestly hope so....

darkcharizard2920d ago

Wow i can't believe the amount of the unnecessary Wii hate here!!

Well, actually I can. N4G is much worse than the PS3 board on Gamespot :(

40cal2920d ago

I have yet to see anyone say they hate the Wii. Everyone just agrees that PlayStation Move works better.

Nintendo still has all of its exclusive IP's and the 3Ds is right around the corner.

DelbertGrady2920d ago

A couple of years ago it was a gimmick and a "novelty item", as Sony put it. Now the same gimmick with the same casual sports games is teh greatest evah because it's made by Sony. Witness the hypocrisy that only Sony fanboys are capable of.

kagon012920d ago

Agreed, one gimmick focuses only on shovelware while the other gimmick focuses on hardcore and parties...

Sarcasm2920d ago

"Witness the hypocrisy that only Sony fanboys are capable of. "


HDMI isn't needed for gaming. MS implements it and now it's "standard" because they did it.

Wi-Fi isn't needed, "Wired is better!" Now that the X360S has it, "OMG I cant wait to get one!"

"The 360 is made for gaming, not movies!" Netflix and instant 1080p gets announced (at the time) and you all do backflips about how awesome it is.

"The Eyetoy is such a failure!" and when "Project Natal" gets announced, "OMG it's so innovative!"

I can go on and on and on.

40cal2920d ago


My problem has never been with motion controls, but more with how poorly the Wii tracked my motions, even after Wii Motion Plus it just never felt quite right.

Move just delivers the performance that I've wanted out of the Wii for the Past 4 Years.Move just confirmed the Wii as a gimmick.

n4gno2920d ago

Poor hurted fanboyz, they can't stand the facts (reviews + users opinions) and reality, and try to spin the success with old opinion about wii (but move and ps3 is not wii and wiimote, is way better in every kind of department)

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