Gran Turismo 5 gets short Japanese commercial

A short Japanese commercial for Gran Turismo 5 has been released.

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PS3Freak2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Weird... but it doesn't matter, because it's Gran Turismo.

gtamike2710d ago

GT5 is going to put PS3 in first place I just know it.

Redrum0592710d ago

we love cars, we love cars, we love cars

EvilBlackCat2710d ago

weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrd !!!

and here come the pro sony, pro japan and asians friends to disagree.

READY to hit that button?







Narutone662709d ago

begging for attention on a PS3 thread.

aaron58292709d ago

EBC is not in your ignore list. LoL

popup2710d ago

and amazing....

It's like The Go! team and Guitar Vadar had a GT party with Matchbox cars.

Perfectly sums up the spirit of the game. CARS! yay!

FishCake9T42710d ago

Im sorry but that sucked. Why didnt they mention 1000+ cars, Rally, WRC, Top Gear, Dynamic weather, Day to night transition, Online, B-Spec, Track Editor etc etc.

IRetrouk2709d ago

it showed hundreds of cars that in its self says there are loads of cars, but seriously, its gt5 not many fans would not know whats in the box lol

badz1492709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

why should they? Japanese will buy GT5 in a buck loads no matter what! GT5 Prologue was in the top 10 seller for quite some times over there and then GT5 Prologue Spec III did the same! and this is the one people are calling as a payed DEMO mind you. GT5 will be a huge seller over there pretty much guaranteed and it's nice to see Sony approaching the marketing for GT5 from a different angle.

redDevil872710d ago

Gran Turizmoooooooooooo Five!!!

HeroXIV2710d ago

For the UK adverts I need to be put in charge. First thing I'd do : a good 10 seconds minmum CLEARLY showing the Top Gear Track with stig, Top Gear logos and I'd do my best to keep the photorealistic shots in the other trailer that introduces the track.

Then the other part of the advert just flash on screen NASCAR, WRC, "including F1" and LeMans cars.

Then the rest of the advert just have rain and in-cockpit views.

But, then again... GT5 is going to sell a sh*t ton if Sony don't do any of that.


This Japanese advertise is amazing, a spark of genius. Fun and simple

Narutone662709d ago

of a ten year old with that many toy cars. That's what I would feel when GT5 is released on November.

Yangus2710d ago

Look!Cars amazing!This offical car list?

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The story is too old to be commented.