Traditional clothing not a problem for Kinect

ITP: Microsoft's Kinect was on display at Games 10 and Windows Middle East can confirm that the forthcoming motion tracking system functions properly, even when gamers wear traditional clothing such as the ‘dishdasha' and ‘abaiya'.

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Rrobba2739d ago what about untraditional clothing?

Game-ur2739d ago

The traditional clothing is actually perfect for Kinect, their practically long Ponchos.

Bigpappy2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I guess I should have said "shouldn't" blabber anymore about tight clothing and dresses. Oh hell, just go on and blabber what the heck you want. Enjoy yourself my friend.

Windex2739d ago

i've heard gaming websites blatantly lie when there were 10000 reports that kinect lags and glitches.

i also heard them it works fine when videos said something completely opposite.

This is good news for MS if this is true, but i am just saying i need more proof then someone's word that they heard this report in middle east

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BLuKhaos2739d ago

Fitting since the majority of Xbox 360's had a tendency to go jihad on their owners. lol

Croash2739d ago

...the box from Metal Gear? :D

MisterNiwa2739d ago

That would be more than traditional, it would be stylish aswell!

Speed-Racer2739d ago

What a dumb title... what exactly is nontraditional clothing then with regard to the Kinect?

Stealth20k2739d ago

and yet the system is still a laggy buggy piece of shit.It doesnt matter what you wear.

avengers19782739d ago

Hmmmm even what you wear can be a problem for Kinect. What else messes it up, light, the wind blowing.

Imperator2739d ago

I heard that color of skin also affects it. Oh and you can't play it sitting down. It also lags, has no hardcore games, is overexpensive, and overall useless. What a great way to spend $150 right? :D

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The story is too old to be commented.