Four of the Shortest-Lived MMOs

"In honor of APB: All Points Bulletin’s recent demise, here is a look at some other MMOs that came and went all too quickly."

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TheSanchezDavid2925d ago

Ah, the MMO. The genre I have yet to play and will likely never play.

UndeadAreGo2925d ago

I was excited for a few of these while looking for alternatives to WOW. Sometimes, it seems like originality in the genre is halfway to a death sentence.

Trroy2925d ago

I wish Earth and Beyond would come back. *sigh* That was a great game. It just needed more content.

barefootgamer2925d ago

I thought about putting Earth & Beyond on the list, but even it had a longer lifespan than the games on this list. So did Hellgate: London, which was also a candidate. ;)

jzungre2925d ago

So sad, I really liked this one.

athmaus2925d ago

never heard of some of these before

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The story is too old to be commented.