Halo: Reach Teaches Us To Complain About Checkpoints In 2010

Crunch Gear: A recent article on whether or not Halo: Reach is good for gaming has sparked something in me. I, too, have a bone to pick with the game, but it’s not with the game, per se. No, it’s a problem with a mechanic in the game that’s also found in other games. I speak, of course, about checkpoints. They are stupid and I wish they would go away forever. Thank you.

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YoshiMeetsU2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Go play yourself some Dead Rising..

Then you can join the whining chorus about how no checkpoints suck!

Halo Reach: Poster child for nerd rage. I guess you can't tear the game down so you have to get creative when whining and using Reach in the same sentence. I have an idea. How about you just not suck and make sure your tank has enough health to make it to the next checkpoint.

N4GAddict2741d ago

I like frequent check points.

HammockGames2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I had no problems with checkpoints at all with Halo Reach - in fact, I didn't even notice most of them. On the harder difficulties it took me multiple attempts to get through some spots, but it never sabotaged the game.

Personally, I have no objection to checkpoints in general.

Hell, one of the benefits of modern gaming is being able to save wherever you're at whenever you want to (for most games).

And as multiple posters have already spelled out: Try Demon's Souls if you want to cry about check points => I bet this sucker would be begging for a checkpoint every 5 seconds.

divideby02741d ago

did they fix the checkpoints in DR2 ?
if not, thats another reason why its not a buy for me

Hardbladestone2741d ago

He should just play demon souls --he will begg for check points after..

WildArmed2741d ago

Once you played Demons souls, you truly learn to appreciate checkpoints ^^
I know I did...

-Alpha2741d ago

Thankfully there are checkpoints in Demon's Souls. I used to think you had to defeat the WHOLE world without dying, meaning fighting at least 3 Demons without dying O_o

And let's not forget the original idea was that dying erased your save file lol

huzzaahh2741d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing, until I read your post.

Absolutely true. One of the best and hardest games this generation.

WildArmed2741d ago

haha, there are 'checkpoints' in nearly each stage too actually.
Like in 1-1, once you open a tower, it's a check point.. you can get up the tower quickly if you died. (although it's a checkpoint you earn).
In 1-3, we have the big Gate that shuts on the soldier, once you go around and open it, you can run straight past the detour.

By no means is it a traditional checkpoint (you still start at square 1) but you open alternate paths ^^

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T9X692741d ago

So this guy wants checkpoints when he's getting his ass kicked so he don't have to replay the same parts? Interesting, lower the difficulty or learn from your mistakes and overcome the challenge. A "save whenever you want" type of checkpoint system would hurt this game, simply because you can earn tons of cR in SP. If you could just "checkpoint" where ever you wanted, people would do it right before they get a huge weapon around tons of enemies and keep reloading the checkpoint to boost for cR. There's already a way to do this with the checkpoint system already in the game on the third mission, so by adding the system this guy wants, it would make it even easier to boost.

darkequitus2741d ago

What a crybaby this guy is. Funny how he chose Reach. If it is too hard, maybe he should bump down from normal to easy. I got my a$$ kikced a few time during my second playthrough - now trying legendary.It is up to me to reassess my strategy.

wicko2741d ago

He has a point though, to me it seemed like checkpoints occurred too frequently or too sparingly. I don't expect to have a quicksave system, checkpoints are fine, but they don't seem consistent. I like the idea of receiving checkpoints when you do something notable, example kill a pair of hunters or take out a wraith tank, or progress through an encounter, and most of the time that happened, but not always.

ActionBastard2741d ago

That actually made complete sense.

Horny2741d ago

The system they have is good if not too easy already, being able to save whenever you want would make it way too easy.
I beat the game on Heroic without trouble, Legendary will kick your ass if you dont play co op, its definitely a challenge on single player.
The only complaint I have is the stupid AI especially for your own team, dont ever let them drive lol.

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Queasy2741d ago

Honestly, the checkpoints in Reach have been so frequent that it really isn't an issue.

BeaArthur2741d ago

I agree, I haven't had an issue with it.

ActionBastard2741d ago

My only complaint is how awful the AI is driving.

wicko2741d ago

They nearly killed me once, backed right into me as I was approaching to get in.

jack who2741d ago

i saw no problems with the AI driving besides how slow they drive. try it in halo 2 or 3 watch them drive you of a clif

Queasy2741d ago

Yeah, it really sucks when you want to be the gunner and the AI driver either doesn't move or goes in the wrong direction. Co-op is the only solution.

T9X692741d ago

The enemy AI in VERY good, by my god the friendly AI is so bad that Master Chief in a wheelchair would be more useful.

BeaArthur2741d ago

Yeah, no kidding. It's annoying because you want to be the gunner but you know that is just going to get you killed. Assuming you are ever even able to get there because they can't even seem to drive to the next check point without running into 20 things.

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jack who2741d ago


lmao oh good ya i never use the npc drive....better off using the Spartan

theonlylolking2741d ago

I always liked games where I can save my checkpoints when I want to.

So far I am frustrated with halo reach's checkpoints(I am playing on legendary alone).

Convas2741d ago

Everybody and their dog is trying to pick at every single piece of microscopic straw they can with Halo: Reach. This is, what, the second or third article where the author is whining about something VERY trivial in the game. GROW THE HELL UP. Sheesh.

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