The Last Guardian Has Move Support?

Rumor: GameStop apparently know something about The Last Guardian that has yet to be announced....

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easto1a2926d ago

move is a great bit of kit if this game had it it would be twice as awesome!

ShadyDevil2926d ago

that is pretty awesome stuff. I would love to see this in action.

MightyMark4272926d ago

Lets just hope it's more innovative

xyxzor2926d ago

I gotta say I really am in love with the PS Move tech. I was thinking of really interesting ways it could be applied to games like this. Since you can essentially reach into the screen it wouldn't be far fetched to be able to pet this creature. I assume every task you would be able to do with the move. I think the possibilities are really endless. It could make games like Heavy Rain much more involving, not because you can just wiggle the controller around, but you can hug a character or shake hands. I'm not completely sure it breaks barriers yet, but it's getting really close.