WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008: First Impressions

The latest instalment in THQ's best-selling wrestling series, with a whole host of new features, including the addition of Superstar fighting styles, the Struggle Submission system, a whole new animation package, and, of course, the series' debut on three new platforms (Wii, DS, and PS3), THQ was understandably excited about its new baby.

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HeartlesskizZ4110d ago

Im not a fan of WWE but the games are pretty decent, except the last one where they screw up the controls.

ill choose UFC over this anytime.

boi4110d ago

can't wait for this game...ONline matches...HHH will kick all ya asses lol

Havince4110d ago

the onlines anything like the last one

jinn4109d ago

this game should remain with the old generation.

DeadlyFire4109d ago

The controls weren't so bad once you get used to them I actually like them better. Its the bugs in 2007 that bother me. PS2 version of 2007 has so many bugs.

Online is still done with gamespy. So odds are it will be a bit like the last one. It might be different, but who knows.