Ninja Gaiden 3's mock up gameplay

A mock up image that shows how Ninja Gaiden 3 should play and look like. An idea that show make the game better or something it is lacking or needed for the next instalment.

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Kingdom Come2772d ago

I can not wait to see some footage of this title.

N4GAddict2772d ago

My favorite announcement at TGS

chazjamie2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

mine was tekken tag2. jin and kazuya should just make up. team up and beat up heichi. then heichi has an epiphany and joins kazuya and jin.

then jin marries xiao. and hworang (cant spell his name) gets angry and marries asuka. ahh awesomeoness.

EvilBlackCat2772d ago

my favorite TGS announcement too

Game-ur2772d ago

Me three, also SOTD and Asura's Wrath. Action/Adventure games were the few bright spots in the show (minus you know what).

I think the first thing NG3 needs is a graphic update; It will look very dated if they use the same engine. And also fresh level design and improve camera work

xino2772d ago

more info about the game will arive GDC 2011!

Bnet3432772d ago

I can't wait for NG3. Big NG fan, but man ... I don't know how the game will be without Itagaki. We'll see ...

Raider692772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I really dont understand the all the focus on the blood!Ninja Gaiden 2 the 360 version haves all this features regarding gore! "look at Ryu's stance and you'd see he is covered in blood"DONE"The second feature is the blood that splatter on the screen"DONE"blood to splash on his face/screen."DONE!!Nothin g new!

gamingdroid2771d ago

I think there is also blood on the Katana that Ryu shakes off before sheating the sword in NG2. Don't remember if Sigma 2 did that though.

dorron2772d ago

Hope there's a Sigma version on the way...

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