Two for the Road: The Two PS3 Move Launch Titles You'll Want to Avoid

About: It's not that "Racquet Sports" or "Kung Fu Rider" are bad, OK that latter may be bad, it's that neither of them really show off the PS3 Move or can justify being priced at $39.99.

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Raoh2885d ago

racquet sports was not accurate if you ask me. i sent it back to gamefly first chance i got.

i was connecting shots that i should not have made. the sports champions tennis game showed me that its definitely not the move controller but that it was lack of polish on racquet sports part.

its a shame i was hoping it would have been good, but i only recommend it as a rental.

kung fu rider seems like a stupid game too, its on my gamefly queue but i have no plans on purchasing it and my hopes arent high.